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Fat Kids

This just made me sick today! As I’m driving back from lunch I stop at a stoplight where a big group of kids are walking to school, apparently from some field trip. Not one of the 40 some odd high school students (and their teachers) were any less than 30 pounds over weight. That’s f***in horrible. It disgusts me that parents allow their kids to become lard asses before they are old enough to vote. They get scared to say something to their kids cuz “Dr. Phil” thinks you are being insensetive to your child’s feelings. Face it, if your fat your fat. I used to be REAL fat but I got off my king size ass and did something about it. This crap has got to stop. Think about, we are going to paying for this in 10-20 years after insurance rates skyrocket due to an entire generation’s health care costs. Just had to vent.

The kids are lard asses because their parents are lard asses and their friends and their friends’ parents are lard asses, too. Etcetera.

Kids primary way of learning, is by example. And the primary examples for kids are their parents. But I see it here, in the University as well. I don't see atheltic, fit bods all over campus - but overweight, slow moving college students. Sad, but oh so true.

Obesity is definitely in epidemic proportions in the U.S. Very scary. I'll just motor on, and do what I do and hope that I may set an example that others will follow.

Actually, I think one of the biggest problems is that we compare ourselves to other people. When I started chubbing out in my 20’s, I compared myself to my (non-skinny) peers and thought “I’m not so bad compared to them”. It wasn’t until my father (who’s rather overweight) started calling me ‘tubby’ all the time that I saw my fat for what it was.

damn, my varsity is generally filled with average to built guys and girls, sure we have a few “sixteen sandwich eaters” but in general i feel better than the national average in New Zealand for sure.