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Fat Kid!

This post doesnt regard me but more my littl brother. I’m really concerned about him. He is 8 yers old 5’1" and 180 pounds. He is fat but also solid too and packs one hell of a punch for an 8 year old. Any idea’s on what i should do with the kid? should i let him eat and grow and then when he is in his teens get him to workout? or should i try and fix his diet now? thanks

Holy Shit. I graduated high school at 5’10" 166lbs. My 8 year old daughter weighs about 45lbs. Slap your Mom and Dad for letting this kid get that fat. Hell, slap them twice.

You shouldn’t have to be checking his diet. Mom and dad should! Oh, God what is this world coming too? Just make sure he doesn’t eat junk food and sweets, and he needs to eat 3-4 meals a day.

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I would fix it now. Diets are pretty much learned as a youth. Get him healthy now while it is easy to lose weight. He has plenty of free time now.

Avoid browbeating him, or even telling him he’s fat. He knows that from school; telling him so will make him think you’re disappointed in him. He shouldn’t have to worry about this; it’s a parent’s duty to responsibly monitor his environment.

Since they aren’t, try teaching him to read labels, and understand what things like ‘high fructose corn syrup’ are. Share facts about why manufacturers use this stuff; kids love a good scandal. Make derisive comments about other people’s eating habits, but avoid mentioning his unless you’re reinforcing a good behavior.

This is what has worked for my little brother (and my parents…), so good luck! The little guy even started weight training when he noticed girls in middle school… I’m so proud!

I have a cousin in America who is huge
he came to england at around 150lbs at ten years (he’s now 11 and weights 170lbs)

His parents dont care and feed him cos it makes him happy, he’d eat 3-4 times per meal, big plates too
His mum would watch me eat my steamed veggies and chicken breasts so she asked me to help him out and god knows i tried. Whilst he was in england i made him walk every day and he had to eat what i ate (with one normal meal of whatever he wanted) just not to deprive him too much
he lost 10lbs in 2 weeks but when he got back to america he ballooned :frowning:
I feel so sorry for him

You need to get your brother in shape (I’m 5’10" and 180, and nearly 3 times his age). But as some other posters meantioned be very careful as to how you do it. Show him how much you enjoy being fit. Find a way to get him off the couch and thrilled about exercising. I think that’s best done by having him play sports (even if it’s just pick up on the streets). He’s not gonna have the discipline at that age to enjoy lifting weights or running on a track or other forms of cardio. But give the kid a hockey stick and he’ll probably be out there for hours on end.

Get your parents too cook healthier if they’re the one’s cooking at home. But do it subtly. Don’t make the kid think he’s on a diet. You’ll probably have better luck if he learns to enjoy eating well.

And talk to your parents about how important this is. He’s at risk of developing heart disease, adult onset diabetes, thrombosis, respiratory disorders, and a whole host of other problems.

At 8 years old his body will be able to melt the fat quickly since he requires more energy simply because he’s growing. So with a good diet and a good amount of exercise he’ll probably melt it all away faster than you’d imagine. But start today.

Best of Luck.

i agree fun is the way forward
My cousin loved the fact that I did martial arts so i took him to some classes with me.

YEa you guys must think… yea yea hes fat blah blha, but he plays every sport and is without a doubt the fastest and one of the best players on all of his team. Soccer, baseball, lax, wrestling and basketball. I try to teach him to eat well but at his age hes to immature to care ya know? i dont know, i think ill let him stay the same until hes old enough to care. remember 8 years old is the 2nd grade, who the hell watched their diet in the 7th grade?

Why’d you ask if you’re not going to listen to what people said?

And if he’s the fastest kid out there at that height and weight, I really do feel sorry for the other kids, not him.

Hey, at least this Fat kid is active. And not sitting on his rearend like most “Fat” kids playing video games and watching cartoons.

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Silas Chen

I would think for obvious reasons you would mention something to your parents about your feelings. Maybe they can make the adjustments in what they cook and keep in the cupboards, if they are not willing and it is that much of a concer to you, than you may need to take it upon yourself to do it. That is awesome that he is very athletic for his size, but still the fact of the matter is he is “obese” and we know all the problems associated with that, yes he is very young, and growing, but too be that heavy at that age poses problems for later on in life, the sooner you nip the problem in the butt, the sooner it gets better. I work with at risk youth in a group home setting, and we always find cases like this, it is harsh reality, but we politely and in a way they wont be offended let the kids know that they must cut back on the eating, I try to do it in less obvious ways like serving them with more veggies than any other food, and only allowing them to eat fruit for snack. Good luck with your little bro


Do you want to help him or not?

You want to know what to do? Or not? Because right now, you’re making excuses for him. And that’s just not right. You know the kid is fat–even if he’s athletic, he’s still putting his health in danger. Kids are getting “adult onset” diabetes these days from the crap they shovel in their mouths. Disease doesn’t care if you’re eight or not.

I would bet anything that it’s not just your little brother, but your mom and dad are a little chubby, too. You have to sell the whole family on being healthy. If you and your parents do it, your brother’s automatically going to follow suit. Once you have each member of the family convinced (and each one is going to take slightly different approaches: health for one, vanity for the other, sports performance for your little brother, etc.)

That being said, go talk to your parents, especially the one who does the shopping. Start phasing stuff out of the house: soda, ring-dings, chips. Start phasing in fruit and veggies. You know the kinds of things to feed him at dinner, I’m sure, so help your mom and dad prepare meals. Make him something instead of cereal for breakfast, ask him to go throw the pigskin or shoot some hoops with you when he’s watching TV. I bet he’d be thrilled to play with his older brother.

The biggest thing is to be a good example to the kid.

The fastest kid on his soccer team, at 5ft and a 180lbs. - Do we look stupid?
I have to agree with everybody else though, it would be best to help him now. Eating the way your brother does is a bad habit and will only get worse with time.
Or, if he’s really as athletic as you say he is - you could always get his ass in the gym in 3 yrs, you’ve got an offensive lineman on your hands :smiley:

You’d be surprised how much your brother will lose by cutting out pop, and other sugary sweets (including baked goods esp. store bought stuff).

Bobo, you asked the question, and your getting answers. Don’t defend your brother if you want to help him (psychologists call that “enabling”). Your brother’s probably a bright, great kid (and from the sounds of it active too). But his activity can’t be matching his caloric intake.

Another thing to consider is hyperthyroidism (or maybe even hypothyroidism). Has he been tested? If that’s the problem he’ll need medicinal compensation (which is nothing now adays…i’ve got a few friends that are hypo and it’s nothing problematic).

I am open to everything everyone has said. He is the fastest on the soccer team btw haha but,… My mom trys and trys to help him he just wont listen. she does contribute though when he asks for mcdonalds and goes and gets it for him. Neither of my parents are chubby. Both me and my middle brother (not the 8 year old) were fat as children, not as big as him but fat too. We just got skinnier somehow, maybe metabolism kicked in. I am going to take it into my hands and get him to lose some weight. thanks for all the help guys.

Bobo da Clown…It appears as if your mother has at least an inkling of concern for your little bro’s health.

I agree with J-Bird in that you should make your parents as much a part of this as possible. It’s not like the little dude goes out and buys the groceries, or cooks the meals, or goes to Micky D’s and buys 'em, right? Exactly.

So, educate your ma and pa on the reasons why this needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP. Be firm and serious. It may seem like you’re using scare tactics, but diabetes II, cardiovascular disease and cancer are real as…cheese;-)

The goal here is to shift the foods that are bought and brought into the house. If your lil’ bro performs so well as is, just imagine how much ass he’ll kick when he’s fueled properly with high-octane!

My parents wont listen. Its hard enough for me to eat the right way, i sometimes have to buy my own groceries, but im gunna have talk with that fat fuck =) and tell him. I’ll make eating right seem so glorified (it is) that hell be nothing but curious to do so. i think thats the approach im going to take. for me when i was fat all it took was other kids making fun of me to make me want to change my appearance.