Fat Intolerance (LOW CARB, LOW FAT DIET)

Pretty desperate for help. I have some sort of fat intolerance and when I eat ANY food w/ high or even moderate fat, I get bloated and uncomfortable. I’ve done every diet known to man from CKD to Zone to Bodyforlife, etc etc etc etc. I know how to set up and follow the diets, etc. but the FAT intake ALWAYS bloats me. Fish oil caps, eggs, nuts, steak (even lean like top round), ground beef, ground turkey, olive oil on greens, salmon, butter, coconut oil, etc etc etc I’ve tried it all and I’ve ALWAYS gotten bloated on these foods, a keto diet or even Zone w/ moderate fats. Bloating on keto isn’t only temporary and I look progresively worse, even on a low cal. Anabolic Diet. I also have food allergies out the ass, ANY protein powder, even lactose free, (tried them ALL), Beef, garlic, wheat, gluten, dairy, oatmeal, eggs/egg whites, etc etc.
In addition i’m carb sensitive so I need to keep my carbs low. The ONLY thing that has worked is extreme and I was hesitant to do it until recently b/c i’ve been trying for 3 years to get ripped w/ little to show for it. I eat a high protein, very low carb, very low fat diet. I’m living on 3 lbs. of chicken, turkey, or white fillet fish a day. In addition some green vegetables. Every fed days I do a refeed w/ sweet potato’s as this is one of the few carb sources that doesn’t bloat the hell out of me. Even dextrose makes me baloon, perhaps a sugar allergy. I haven’t been tested but have the ALCAT “Your Hidden Food Allergies are Making You Fat” and might get the test when I get enough money. I know I have these allergies b/c all the symptoms are there, so including bloating, irritability, depression, gas and diarrhea sometimes if food is eaten in excess, swelling under chin, face swells up and makes me look like I put on 15lbs, etc.
Started w/ probiotics, digestive enzymes, and artichoke extract w/ OK results but anyone else have suggestions. I’m forced to a VERY lean meat diet. Anyone know of any decent priced foods high in protein w/ little fat. Chicken is the cheapest I get at 2$ a lb., can’t go near tuna b/c the smell. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi, I was much the same way and suspected like you do that I suffered from sort of allergy to certain foods. I had something similar done to the ALCAT allergy test (called an ELISA test) that measured IgE and IgG hypersensitivities to more than 120 foods. The only foods that returned a positive allergy test were (this was a huge kick to the nuts) whey protein!

I sort of suspected this from the cumulative rash, and bloated feeling I received when drinking my protein shakes.

HOWEVER, I also had a stool test done that showed I was not digesting food, particularly fats, meat and vegetables properly. So my doctor placed me on a prescription medicine called Creon Forte along with a betaine hydrocholoride supplement. Within a matter of days, no more gastric upset, and no more shits and farts that smelled like a 3 week old putrified corpse.

Subsequent tests also showed that I am now digesting the aforementioned foods more effectively.

Now, I used to use normal supplemental enzymes of various brands all the time and can honestly say they made no difference in comparison those these pancreatic prescription enzymes. I only wished I had these when I was bodybuilding because I was eating three times the amount of food, and was probably assimilating very little - and felt like shit half the time as well.

Sorry for the book, but I wanted my answer to be comprehensive. I really hope this helps you mate because it is shitty feeling.(Pardon the pun)