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Fat Intake on T-Dawg Diet?

Hey I read the T-dawg diet 2 times and couldn’t find how to figure out how much your fat intake should be? I weigh 220 lbs not sure my body fat %.

Take the total caloric intake lets just for example lets say it 2000 k/cals

Now take the crabs 70 g on a non training day that = 280 k/cals as 1 gram carbs = 4 k/cals. now take your total protein let say its 180 thats 720 k/cals once again 4 k/cals per gram subtract those from the total thats laves you with 1000 k/cals from fat. which means 1000/9 because fat is 9k/cals per gram total fat non training day =111.11

There ya go


Ok thanks alot, I did my first day and ended with kcals/fat/carbs/protien as 2080/115g/101.5g/207.5g, respectively, over 6 meals. Using 12 x body weight as kcal intake to lose wieght (12x220=2640), I should use fat calories and protien calories instead of carbs to increase my cals, right?