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Fat Intake During Simple Carb Cycling Diet?

Hi Paul I read ur article on T-Nation regarding carb cycle. " The simple Carb cycling diet" . In that article u mentioned about carbs. I Wana ask u. What amount of fat we have to take on all three days. (High, moderate, low).

20% of total calories.

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So 20% of our total calories but do we have to keep the fat same in all 3 days.? High moderate and low or we have to lower the fat in high carb days and increase it in low carb day to maintain the calorie intake which we had calculated.?
Thankyou very much for the reply Paul.

Yes fat intake never changes. You have a “base” caloric intake for your low day, and fat intake is based off of that. You don’t move it around based on carb intake.

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Okay got it Paul… so it’s only carbs which we have to fluctuate in high moderate and low carb days. Protein and fat remain the same…
Thankyou so much for the quick response .