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Fat in PWO Shake in Evening?

As of right now the large majority of my workouts are in the evening and that means I am consuming my PWO shake within several hours of bedtime. I currently have fat sources from PB and coconut milk in my shake. I was wondering what everyones opinions were on fat in PWO shake, especially before bed.

the same post-workout guidelines still apply no matter the time of day. After an intense workout, even at night, you should consume a meal of protein and carbs soon after finishing.

Well fat in a PWO shakes makes not much sense as it will only slow down protein absorption and you want to take advantage of your insulin spike…

Now, even if you train in the eve, you should keep it to PWO shake with some kind of fast carbs/prot mix (either whey + dextrose/maltodextrin/etc… or some Surge). And then eat slow carbs one good hour later in your pwo meal, it would remain your best bet.

[quote]Cog wrote:
I am consuming my PWO shake within several hours of bedtime.[/quote]

There it is dude. PWO shake of carbs and protein immediately post workout. Another meal with fats in it the several hours later, before going to bed.

Thanks for the input guys.