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Fat In a PWO Meal?


Can I get away with adding ground flaxseed and sliced almonds in my post-post-workout meal?

Immediately after morning weight training, I use Surge. An hour later, I have a P+C meal comprised of eggwhites, Grow!, oatmeal, blueberries, and sliced banana. The meal is:
-51g Protein
-60g Carb
-6g Fat

My goal with this meal is to maximize recovery. Subsequent meals are P+F.

Do you think the fat from ground flaxseed and sliced almonds detrimentally changes the profile of this P-C meal? It changes to:
-58g Protein
-68g Carb
-21g Fat

Is that too much fat for a post-PWO meal?


Why would you add it if you're worried about it?

I personally don't think it would kill you, but it does sloww the digestion/absorption of the meal so I guess you could say it makes it less optimal.

Just have some in your next 2-3 meals if it bothers you.


I guess the real question is how much fat is too much in P+C meal? Your reply suggests that the more fat in the meal, the slower the absorption. So, to start recovery ASAP, I should probably consume as little fat as possible.

Even though I really like the taste of flaxseed and almonds in my morning oatmeal, if I'm eating for performance, I should leave them out. Does this sound right?


First--what is your main priority?

Second--slowing of absorption is only part of the equation. There is insulin response and fat storage.......

But really, I think unless your goal may be competitive this or that, the extra fat won't kill you. It would probably be best to avoid higher fats right after wo. then add some into the next couple of meals.

There is no exact # that is perfect. But the lessthe better.