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Fat Head


I just watched this documentary and it is GREAT! Basically it starts as a followup to "Supersize Me" but its whole premise is the bullshit that dieticians and politics have been forcing down our throats for decades: That fat is bad for you, and sugar is good for you.

It's a funny documentary, and to prove a point the guy even did his own verison of the Supersize me diet - he ate nothing but fast food for 28 days, but kept the carbs under 100g per day, and going for a NEPA walk 6 days a week. He ended up losing about 12 pounds, even though he was taking in 50g of saturated fat each day. Obviously he's not saying that "fast food is good for you" but rather counter the point that "fat kills you"

Most people who read this site already know most of the information (many of the authors and scientists he talks to have been referenced and even interviewed here) but it's still worth watching due to the entertainment factor, and helps spread the knowledge to other people.

See if you can find a copy, I think it's on DVD (and on "those" sites where you might find movies :wink:)


Nobody commented this? A shame. I just watched it and thought it was phenomenal.

I think the best part is that it was self-financed so you can rest easier about monetary influence over the message it conveys.

What's really a shame though is the people who know are the ones that see this movie when the people that need to see it are those who don't.

Brief summary for those interested:

-The creator questions key points in Super-Size Me
-Creator confirms or denies nutritional logic/information suggested by 'common sense,' media, government, etc. by asking the experts
-Creator reviews his personal dieting history and how each diet made him feel or function.
-Creator devises a logical approach to eat responsibly for a month using only fast food sources.
-Creator experiences positive medical feedback from the experiment
-Creator follows up with a mini-diet of lots of fat and protein with carbs coming only from berries and vegetables to report even better medical feedback from his physician

Good documentary dispelling myths with logical arguments and a genuine necessity for truth.


I recently saw the documentary "I want to look like that guy", where a middle age, sedentary and over weight guy hunts down the 'guy' in the ads (Jeff Willet), and embarks upon not just getting into shape, but getting into contest shape. For hardcore folks who understand that it's a disciplined pursuit, you may get a little angry at the film maker when he seems whiny, but it's still entertaining, and for a lot of people, probably inspiring.









Jeff Willet's arms look wild. That's pretty cool though. I can't imagine what led him to do such a thing, haha. I'm impressed he made the effort he did.


I'll have to see if I can snag those...

Maybe I can get my in-laws to watch them and learn something...



Fat Head is a very informative and entertaining documentary.
Here's a link to the official website:



BTW, here are some cool "no-bologna facts" from the Fat Head website:

  • Asian Indians - half of whom are vegetarians - have one of the highest rates of heart disease in the entire world. Yup, that fatty meat will kill you, all right.

  • When Morgan Spurlock tells you that a McDonaldâ??s salad supplies almost a dayâ??s allowance of fat, heâ??s basing that statement on the FDAâ??s low-fat/high-carbohydrate dietary guidelines, which in turn are based on â?¦ absolutely nothing. Thereâ??s no science behind those guidelines; they were simply made up by a congressional committee.

  • Asian Indians - half of whom are vegetarians - have one of the highest rates of heart disease in the entire world. Yup, that fatty meat will kill you, all right.

  • Being fat is not, in and of itself, bad for your health. The behaviors that can make you fat - eating excess sugar and starch, not getting any exercise - can also ruin your health, and thatâ??s why being fat is associated with bad health. But itâ??s entirely possible to be fat and healthy. Itâ??s also possible to be thin while developing Type II diabetes and heart disease.

  • Saturated fat and cholesterol help produce testosterone. When men limit their saturated fat, their testosterone level drops. So, regardless of what a famous vegan chef believes, saturated fat does not impair sexual performance.


Yeah I had a debate with one chick who was 18 (?) in that she was telling me that butter was bad for you (the kind you buy in the blocks). She told me that there was to much saturated fats in it thus being bad. I told her "In moderation it is a good fat for you. Everyone is taught that if you eat fat you'll get fat and leads to heart problems". She still tired to tell me not to eat butter. I put that shit on everything.

I did watch the trailer of Fat Head and it was pretty interesting that the guy of Super Size Me lied about pretty much everything in his "documentrey". Such as eating 5,000 calories a day. The Fat Head guy does the math to show you that you get about 3,200 calories a day eating 3 times a day. He even tries to get a hold of the food log of Super Size Me all to get a answer of no.


Does anybody already own either of these movies? I'd be interested to "rent" them from some of you who already have 'em.



If anyone can share a link to Fat Head I'd love to watch it.


IMO it's a little misleading. Sure it talks about the fact that you can lose weight by eating McDonalds, but that sure as heck does not make you a healthy person.


Steal7h, I don't think it's misleading at all. He says numerous times throughout the film that while he "DID IT," it by no means is it the healthiest diet.

The fast food appeal was really just to combat Morgan Spurlock's claims.

Speaking of which, the debunking of the 5,000+ cal per day part really made me happy. I've eaten 4,500cal before. Not just for one day, but fairly regularly throughout the week for weeks at a time. I don't care how 'easy' people claim it is to eat fast food and drink sugary drinks, eating that many calories is hard. It's a lot of food no matter how you look at it. You can't 'shrink' calories. 1000cal of oil is still going to take up at least 111mL or roughly 4oz. That's not a small amount of oil. Protein and carbs take up even more space. Your body knows what its consuming and it's going to make you not feel good when you eat that much unless your metabolic needs warrant it.


i wanna know what Shugart has to say about this.... hhmmmmmm.....


wow!! i bet mcdonald commissioned this one!


Or Taco Bell with their new "Drive Thru Diet"

I had seen it mentioned on this site but my jaw still hit the floor hard when I saw that shit on TV.


What I don't understand about this documentary is how he could have placed so high (or at all) when he hadn't been training for very long. After watching this documentary it feels like anyone can do a bodybuilding contest assuming they can nail the contest prep.


Wow, Fat Head is a really informative movie. I knew quite a bit of this stuff but it's really nice to see it all put together. Finally a good resource I can show to my non-training friends...and that one dietitian I know.