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Fat guys

I see “fat” guys started writing here,so I wanted to share my story.I have been obese
whole my life,5 11", 275 lbs.I’ve been over 220 since I was 13.I studied everything
about nutrition,started exercising vigorously 6x/week,2 hrs weight training per day,1 hr cardio.I used the “sheep” low protein 1200 kCal diet and lost huge amount
of muscle in 5,5 months - I had 152 lbs,I was a walking skeleton w/o muscle,my body
temperature was 94,8 F,my heart wouldn’t go over 55 even if I was running,and I was
still FAT! I lost muscle, and a lot of fat was still there, I was over 15 %. I had to
start building the muscle back. I started a cycle, EATING everything like a madman,working out like Godzilla. I gained 86 lb (yes, 86) in ten weeks, 15 of which was water
and 25 was fat. I started leaning phase at Jan 1st,used anabolic diet at 2000 kCal for 6
weeks,lost a lot of fat and water, landed at 198 lbs, and then used T-Dawg diet for the
next seven weeks - I didn’t lose an ounce, but my body composition changed tremendeously. I
even have abs showing if you have a good imagination. Now I will incorporate Massive
Eating in my diet,but first I will do Delta 1250 to further shock the metabolism. There is
no way to get lean but to make it a lifestyle. It will take a lot of bulking and leaning
for me to come close to other guys. I look OK in my clothes, but when I am naked, all this
dieting shows - I have a ton of loose skin around my waist and stretch marks, but the
situation is improving over the time. Unfortunately, I have a slow metabolism, I can gain
9 pounds of fat in a week (I know it sounds incredible), my maintenance is around 2500,
I need to eat up to 20 % carb to maintain weight, I am very tired, somewhat depressed and
always hungry - I know I might have a hormonal imbalance. I just wanted to give you guys
some support. I envy those lean guys who can’t gain a pound even if their life depended on
that. It’s us, the low metabolism hormonal monsters who are completely fucked up, not them. :slight_smile: There is a guy in my gym who is shredded, he is preparing for the competition and
every couple of days he has 3-4 cakes, he is eating isocaloric diet, at 200 lbs/3500 kCal.
I can only dream of that…

I’m 5’6", and was up to 200 pounds at one point. I lost 25 lbs in 2 1/2 months last summer. I started out with one of the metabolism supplements, and was on the excersize bike 5-7 days a week the first month, and 3-4 days a week the second month. I cut out starches,(potato’s and pasta’s) and even milk for a couple of weeks at the end.I was doing hanging leg raises, situps, and working out on a “total gym”, type excersizer. As well, 20 lb. barbells, and 40 pounders. Other supplements I used were the marine Shell fiber before meals, and after meals taking bran pills. Also low carb protien powder for lean mass growth. After this past winter, I’ve gained back 5 lbs, but it’s mostly muscle. When my Melatonin levels even out, I plan to get me a six pack. (Or at least a four pack). I was dissapointed with all the stomach and cardio that didn’t achieve a washboard stomach last year, but I did come a long way.

Congrats on your impressive results! I know where you are coming from. I have dieted on and off for the past 20 years, many times with “success”. Of course, most of the weight I lost was muscle. Then I would gain back fat. Ended up w/ an extremely high BF%. I lost over 70lbs in the last 10 months w/diet, weight training and some aerobics. Started on high protein/low cal and switched to T-Dawg 5-6 months ago. During this time I gained some muscle while losing fat I still have a way to go. Started Fat Fast last week after a 1 month stall in weight loss. Currently doing an Ian King program. By the end of the summer I hope to be in a position to start to muscle up. Keep up the good work!

Firstly Sasa, congrats on the transformation you’ve made, you should be very proud of yourself. Your story sounds quite similar to myself!! I was always a fat kid, fattest in my school year.I dieted and when puberty kicked in I shot up to 6’2" so I was able to carry it better. I’m now 245 and looking to get lean. I have lost 40lbs so far but need to lose another 35 at least. Now starting the fat fast to try and achieve it. Sick to death of being fat, sometimes depressed, lacking in confidence. And what do depressed people do to make themselves feel better? EAT!!! A vicious circle really my friend!! Keep up the good work, we’ll get there I’m sure.

Try the spage age techniques in body for life. Look at not only what it can do but look at the result of the focus shift and where it has driven the mag’s loyal readers!!

Sheep diets are the worst mistake people do. Yes, they work, the scale really goes down, but you start looking like friggin’ Gandhi in a couple of months. Another mistake is to set deadlines, like, “I have to get lean in 13 weeks.” It simply doesn’t work that way if you don’t have the genetics and don’t use ludicrous amounts of gear. It’s a lifetime effort and I just started realizing that. I also realized that incorporating cheat time-frames in one’s routine is not detrimental to the efforts. Like, taking 12-hours off and eating a small village. I also know that I will probably never look like a cover model without some serious plastic surgery on my stomach, but I will do everything I can to improve the situation with a series of bulking and leaning cycles, even if it takes a couple of years. I think it’s reasonable to expect that I will look fine in a year or so if I keep my diet clean, and I’ve been really anal about that in the past 14 months, so I won’t quit unless forced to (healt problems, God forbid, or something like that…)