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Fat Guys With Great Endurance?

Just wondering, I think I’m a fat guy with excellent endurance.

The other day my car broke down after a PL tourney, and a ran home about 4 miles, and was pretty winded but fine.

When I spar with my friends boxing, I usually outlast them, even the ones who are 180, or 190.

It’s strange but I’m overweight, but seem to have better stamina and endurance than alot of my lighter friends.

If you’ve ever seen Rulon Gardner, that’s another big guy with great endurance.

How the fuck does that work? Carrying extra body weight, is often associated with being shit at cardio and endurance, but it doesn’t appear to be the case in some instances.

were you ever an endurance type athlete prior to getting bigger?

Nope, I used to smoke alot of weed and cigarettes, I had terrible endurance.

I wrestled for 4 years, maybe that has something to do with it. Perhaps, I just train harder than my friends but just keep weight on easier.

A few guys I work with are rather hefty but are incredibly fit from playing hockey. They don’t look athletic but their cardiovascular health is excellent.

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Weren’t you saying fat people shouldn’t train MMA a few days ago? I’m starting to think someone has a fat fetish.

His name is fedor.

endurance is a sign of your VO2 max, cardiac health, and lung capacity.

Being hefty is a sign of your fat ass eating all the cake, won’t you save some for the rest of us?

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You are slow twitch and built for endurance.

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You do not need to greaze the pan with lard before frying the bacon.
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i mean, he DOES have great endurance…