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Fat Guy Starting Out


So I am starting to take charge of my life and get into shape. I have been reading all about nutrition and supplements and would like some input and advice.

Age 27
Weight 321
Hgt 5'11"

I have an Endomorphic and Mesomorphic bodytype characterized by broad shoulders and hips. My research suggests that I have the ability to quickly build muscle while also being able to quickly accumulate fat.

I am currently supplementing with 10,000iU of vitamin D and a suber B complex. I will be adding cod liver oil to this. I am undergoning TRT and have a more limited range of motion in my legs due to nerve damage from an injury.

So far I have been swimming laps 5 days a week and have lost about 30lbs by watching my food, eating healthy and swimming.

At this point I would like to start weight training as I am eager to start building the muscle mass that I have always wanted but I'm not sure if that is the best course of action.

What do you all think?? Should I keep cutting down to my overall goal of 250lbs and then start bulking or should I start to bulk now? I know that this seems clear cut but my thoughts are that given my body type and natural tendencies I would like to think that I can still loose fat well by weight training and letting my growing muscles chew through my body fat but I am concerned with increasing my food intake as I am now able to comfortably regulate my food and calories. What are your thoughts???

P.S. Any advice would be greatly welcome. Although I have studied the science of fitness I have little real experience


You should focus 100% of your efforts on losing fat right now and at 5'11" if it were me I probably wouldn't stop at 250. That said, weight training can be part of that goal and getting stronger certainly won't hurt fat loss, but put all thoughts of "bulking" out of your head. If you are an absolute beginner and can afford it I would invest in a good trainer to get you started with the basic lifts and to assess what you are safely capable of with your stated physical limitations.


I hear you bro... I was 340 at once in my life (234 now, and dropping).

You lost 30 lbs over what period of time?

I agree w/ jj that 250 is probably too high at your height. The way you talk about your bodytype, it kind of sounds like you're setting yourself up for disappointment: "Because of my bodytype, if I just change my focus to bodybuilding, I'll be a monster." You're likely much fatter than you realize. There are calculators online to measure maximum muscular bodyweight and measurements based on previous bodybuilder's numbers that can help you estimate a number to shoot for regarding weightloss. For instance, at my height (taller than you) and other measurements (wrist, ankle, etc.), I shouldn't really go past maybe 245 as a natural... and that'd be pro status.

If you enjoy swimming, and it's working, I would just stick with that and get your nutrition in order. You can gradually incorporate lifting as you go along. The good thing about losing weight now, is you don't have to worry as much about strength/muscle loss. As you approach your goal, and lifting becomes a routine, you can enjoy weightloss and get stronger at the same time.


I'd get walking. I recently lost about 1 and a half stone or so, and I did it almost entirely by eating a bit less and walking.
Apart from that, don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't be doing strength training. I got results a lot faster when I added it in.


Thanks for all the replies.

I lost 30lbs from mid august to present. This weight loss was mostly due to diet and a side effect of TRT. I agree that 250ln is most likely still to high for me I just set that number as benchmark to shoot for. my entire adult life I have been over 300lb and I thought that 250lb would be a good place to shoot for.

My mention about body type wasn't to imply that I think I can lift and become a beast in short order. I'm not that deluded :wink: I brought that up because it is a contributing factor that would accelerate my ability to gain weight and build muscle.

I would be interested in doing more calculations to determine my ideal max muscular body weight and measurements so that I have a more realistic goal. What do you think is the best calculator??

Walking would be nice as I use to enjoy hiking in the local hills but the nerve damage has left me with about 80% use of my leg so walking long distances is highly taxing to my hips and other leg. Also my foot is partially numb and I have balance stability issues with my ankle. the Dr recommended that I do exercises that keep the foot in a fixed position like biking, elliptical and swimming. In fact that is part of what I trying to figure out is how to effectively work my lower body. I have always had muscular legs and now one leg is smaller than the other. I would love to start squatting to make my butt pop a bit but I cant get the same range of motion as I use to. Any advice of alternate lower body exercises? all that I can think of is the leg press which I have not tried.

Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone!!!

P.S. Any suggestions about nutrition and supplements??


leg press is fine.

re nutrition...



Dude. You need to focus on losing weight. Even when you hit 250lbs, you need to focus on losing weight. You need to accelerate losing weight. You say you're not that deluded, but it seems you may be.

Lifting will help keep, and build a little, lean body mass while you lose fat. It will probably also help burn more fat.

And forget the endomorph, mesomorph BS. 1.) It's bullshit. 2.) The actual theory, "Constitutional psychology", is not at all applicable to what you're doing.


I'm not an expert but please, believe me when I say that you have to follow this advice, OP.