Fat Guy Needs Help

Ok, so I’m not so fat anymore, but I still need help. I’ve been dieting and excercising since Feb, and I’ve succesfully lost 62lbs. I am 6’4, and was 284lbs. I am currently 222lbs, and don’t want to drop another ounce. I’ve been mostly training to lose weight, now I want to gain mass. I am probably about 17% body fat, and for now that’s ok with me. I really want to spend my winter bulking up, and am looking for ways to do so. This past week I was turned onto Joe DeFranco’s Westside for skinny bastards, and although I am far from a skinny bastard, I figured I may try it. Any suggestions on what I can do to get big?? Thanks

Eat a lot of clean food, train hard and sleep a lot…

You got a more specific question? Westside is a good program - as are 99% of all programs on this site - so just pic one and stick to it.

IMO, JB’s Massive Eating plan in conjunction with any of Chad Waterbury’s programs(AbbhI+II) as well as TBT and Waterbury Method are excellent programs for puttin on some good size. Pm me with your e-mail and I will send you his spreadsheed if you like

Good luck

When you say eat a lot of clean food, how much am I looking at (roughly)? I’m having a hard time eating the amount I’m eating now, but I’m wondering how many more calories I need to add. I work out very hard, and I’ve seen lots of results as far as fat loss goes, but I want to add some muscle size now. How much does cardio effect muscle growth?

Well how many calories are you eating now?

Basically, if you’re not getting bigger you need to add more calories - try adding 500cal every week and monitor your results. I’d say you need to be at around the 5000cal mark but it does vary. Is your post-workout nutrition in order?

Overdoing cardio can be catabolic to the muscles so keep it at 2-3 times a week - no more than that.

I probably eat between 2200-2500 a day. I realize this is low, but I was looking to lose weight and fat. Now that I’ve done that, I want to gain mass.

I’m still busy losing weight at 2000cal at the moment!

Way way way too little if you wanna bulk. I’d say start increasing by 500cal every week and monitor from there - otherwise you might start gaining too much fat back (it’s happened to me). Remember to keep it clean as well - I use the anabolic diet, if you want it pm me and we’ll make a plan.

A few thoughts:

Check out Christian Thibaudeau’s “Beast Evolves” articles. They might be applicable.

Also check out Shugart’s Former Fat Boy (FFB) article: it’s a good read.

While cardio can be catabolic; just don’t get too crazy about it and you’ll be fine. No marathons for you!

How much you have to eat to bulk will be individual, but don’t be surprised if it is in the 5000+Cal range. Yes, it is hard to eat that much but it’s just a matter of planning more than anything else.

My tip: Eat your weight in grams of protein. I know this has been overstated, but eating mostly protein will help you lose fat and keep muscle. Plus aim for at least 3500 cals a day. Spread it out over the course of the day and eat a slow digesting protein before bed. Lift hard. Keep focused. Keep your goal in the back of your mind.