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Fat Guy Log

Decided to start a new log for my fat loss.

Background: I am a stay at home dad. I started lifting weight again about 2 yrs. ago in conjunction with a weight loss plan that got me from my highest lifetime wt. of 265lb down to 225lb. I stayed at 225lb for a year, while dicking around with starting strength. Recently I got a dexa scan to determine my fat percentage, and it was in the obese range- 35%. I decide to drop everything and really work on this. My immediate goal is to get to 200lb. My long term goal is to get down to 180 (that will at least put me in the normal range). I am currently 205lb. So my plan has thus far yielded 20lbs of weight loss since thanksgiving.

Plan: I eat a low carb diet with two cheat meals a week. I also allow myself .5cups beans for lunch and dinner, a recovery drink post workout, and an occasional glass of wine. I have adopted the southbeach philosophy, if your going to sit there and obsess about it just have a taste and move on. For activity: I walk my viszalas daily, and do 531.

Typical day meals:
breakfast: western omelette, vegetables
snack 1: 1 scoop Metabolic Drive
lunch: 4-6 oz of meat, .5 cup beans, and vegetables
snack 2: 1 scoop Metabolic Drive
dinner: 4-6 oz of meat, .5 cup of beans, and vegetable
post workout: 1 scoop Surge recovery


  1. foam roll/mobility/stretch
  2. press 6x5-50, 60,70,75,90,100 alternated with pullups 6x5
  3. bench 5x5-85,100,115,125,140 alternated with chinups 5x5
  4. db press 3x10-15 alternated with db rows 3x10-15 and db shrugs 3x10-15
  5. hiit 10 min 30 sec on/ 30 sec off

Walked dogs in the after lunch


  1. foam/mobility/stretch
  2. dead 6x5- 105,130,155,170,195,220
  3. back 5x5- 95,110,125,140,155
  4. goblet squats 3x10-15@55lb alternated with k.b. swing 3x10-15@55lb
  5. planks 3x30-45 sec alternated with side bridge 3x15-30 sec
  6. hiit 10 min 30s on/30s off

walked dogs in the am


I walked the dogs, and ate a cheat meal for dinner. Chinese food… why did I bother?


  1. foam roll/mobility/stretch
  2. bench 6x5-75,95,115,125,140,160 alternated with pullups 6x5 and facepulls 6x10
  3. bench 5x5-55,65,75,85,90 alternated with chinups 5x5 and band pull aparts 5x10
  4. db bench 3x10-15 alternated with db rows 3x10-15 and db shrugs 3x10-15
  5. hiit 10 min 30 sec on/ 30 sec off using battling ropes

Walked dogs in the after lunch


  1. foam, mobility, and stretch
  2. back 6x5 85,105,125,135,155,175
  3. dead 5x5 120,140,160,180,195
  4. back 3x10 105,105,105 alternated with 55lb kb swing 3x10
  5. plank 2x30-45s alternated with side 2x15-30s
  6. hiit 10 min 30s on 30s off using a kettlebell

walked after lunch

I’ll try and weigh in on Saturday. This morning I weighed 205. That down from 206.5 last week(I rounded it down in my first entry). So a pound and a half. Some weeks I don’t lose anything. Some week I lose a bunch. The important thing to me is that my weight is going down, and that I am averaging 1-2 lbs. a week. At the 1-2 lbs. getting down to 180 should take between 13 and 25 weeks. At that point I will get retested and if I am capable of keeping my lean mass I should be good again, health wise. If I don’t keep my lean mass, I’ll decide what to do then (probably with some more professional help). Anyways, I will walk later today and probably do some mobility work.

I’m sick. So I decided to take yesterday off. I re-thought my goals and how my workout expressed those goals. I decided to tweak things a little. I will try to keep at the forefront 1. weight loss 2. GPP and 3. maintenance of some strength during weight loss phase.

  1. foam/mobility/stretch
  2. jump rope 5 min
  3. press 3x5-50,60,70 3x3-85,95,105
    pullups 6x5
  4. pushups 5x10-20
    inverted rows 5x10-20
    getups 5x2@35lb
  5. hiit 15min 30 sec on 30 off


  1. foam/mobility/stretch
  2. jump rope 5 min
  3. trap deads 3x5-105,130,155; 3x3-180,205,230
    chinups 6x5
  4. goblet squats 5x10-20
    k.b. swing 5x10-20
    plank 5x30 sec
  5. hiit 10 min 30/30


Well, last week was a bit of a wash. I was sick with a cold most of the week(my nose is still running). I had a migraine thursday(I always forget I can’t eat ham), and then my boy turned 1 yesterday(so no workout, but I made the world’s ugliest cake. I may be a stay at home dad, but I am no homemaker).

Anyways, my number is 206.4 this morning; however, based on what I ate yesterday (cake and what not) that number is worthless. So, I will just move on from there. We are going down to denver for the weekend to visit with grandma and grandpa, but when I come back I’ll put in a solid week repeating 3s, and get that number down some more. I’m going to shoot for 200 by next saturday. Done.

A little more reconfiguring. I feel like I can get back to the strength numbers I am at in less than a month, so I am no longer going to waste my time with 531. I am just going to do gpp work and various forms of cardio.

  1. foam/mobility/stretch
  2. jump rope 5min
  3. swing 5x15@55lb/push-up 5x15/goblet squat 5x10@55lb/inverted row 5x10
  4. plank 2x1min/side bridge 2x30s/get-up 2x2@35

I walked dogs after lunch

walked dogs am
walked with weight vest pm