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Fat Guy in a Little Coat- Powerlifting Log


I've had people ask were i keep my training log, so i've decided to post one here as well. Besides, all the cool kids are doing it.

For those that don't know me, my name is Christopher Drummond. I'm a competitive powerlifter in the 259 and 275lb weight classes. I'm sponsored by Charles Staley- Staley Training Systems. I'm currently training for a push/pull meet at the end of Feb.

Here are my last two training sessions- ME bench and ME deadlift.

ME bench-

i took this past week off from training. i was feeling a little beat up. my left forearm was hurting and my right shoulder was tweaked.

tonight went well but i felt some tightness in my right shoulder on the heavy set of board presses. i decided to drop back in weight and hit some reps to play it safe.

decided to hit a heavy paused single tonight. 495 or 500 will probably be my second attempt in my upcoming comp.

i still don't have my belt repaired. i had to use the ol' valeo. i didn't realize how much my belt helps. it actually keeps me up in my arch. i found that with the piece o shit valeo i collapsed out of my arch when i got my liftoff.

ME bench- full ROM touch and go
working set


4 board press
565x3- 20lb PR from last session- shoulder tight so i dropped the weight

pin lockouts- middle of bench stroke

pec dec

ME deads-

tonight was a good night for the entire crew. i decided that we would all work up to a heavy single tonight. I got vids of all our attempts. i worked up to 615 for two. the weight felt light but on my second rep i got back on my heals and had to regroup.

jowee hit his 550 and i have an awesome video of it. Dave hit a really smooth 555 as well.

sumo pulls from the floor using brand new bumper plates from Staley training systems

elevated pulls- four risers
635x3x3- these were unbelievably hard


great session.


Meat, since my boy skidmark and others look to you for advice, Im glad youll be posting your workouts here. Thanks!
Old Lardass


I've definitely come to the right place.


Welcome Meat!


thanks guys. i'll be more than happy to help anyone out.


Glad you tracking it here,
thanks for sharing
your an impressive lifter- and Im looking forward to robbing your training



This will be good to follow. Welcome to "the home"


Great to see you here 'fat guy in a little coat' who can bench my car and deadlift my house.




is this where we all come to die with some dignity?


Your one strooong dude. I'll be keeping tabs


Looking forward to following your log.


No - this is where we come to avoid the trolls and weirdos and hyper-sexed mama's boys living in their basements.


I might be a weirdo, but I am totally following this thread.



I've read your postings - doesn't sound like an accurate self assessment to me.


Not me, I'm going kickin,yellin,and screamin like a banshee. Welcome. Glad you decided to post here. Impressive as hell. Hope to steal, er learn, some stuff from your log.


am i still on the interwebz?? i'm not used to such a warm welcome. I really appreciate it!!!


Staley Training Systems, I'll remember that name. Welcome to the house that iron built. Feel tree to build as much and as often as wish.

Those are impressive numbers, I will enjoy reading your log. All the best with your training for the Feb. meet.


RE squat day- lower back is very fatigued from deads on thursday so today was all about the pump.

leg press- all sets and reps done without resting between reps and legs not locked out.

4plates x 20
8plates x 20
12plates x 20
16plates x 20

walking lunges
70 x 3 laps, 4 laps

leg extensions
165 x 60 rest/pause

ab machine
a lot for some

that's it.. got some blood flow'n and the ol thighs blown up. can't wait to bench on monday.


Ditto......will be watching your log with great interest.