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Hi Lifters

Im 6,3 235 pounds, i have fairly decent arms 18inch and shoulders and legs are pretty big but the one thing that is bugging me is my gut :frowning: Its been over 5 years since i have had a 6 or 4 pack and was wondering if any one has any advice how i can loose the gut without losing to much size overall?
I was thinking of using a low carb diet (t-dawg 2) because i have never tried one before usually sticking to low fat diets with plenty of carbs and protein :smiley:
My training i use is waterbury’s ABBH program if not that then the MAX-OT workout.

Thanks for your help guys


Hows it going.

I would like to suggest that you could surely give T-dawg 2.0 a go. One great part of this diet is the ability to easily adjust it to the individual. So seeing as you dont have to much to cut off and simply need to lean out a bit, you could raise the alotted carbs a bit to give you better gym performance and still lose some fat.

I would say give it a 2 week run as laid out. See how you feel and how you react to the diet. If your w/o’s begin to suffer but are receiving the fat loss you want you could simply add some more carbs to your w/o days in the PWO window. This would refill your glycogen better and allow for recovery and more stored energy on your next bout with the weights.

Another good diet I would like to urge you to look into in your situation is the “Dont Diet Diet.” You really wont limit carbs or fat. You will simply take both of these in along with protein at the best time. This is a great way to go. Allowing you to still make great gains in the gym and still cut some unwanted blubber. This diet when nailed can easily become a whole life diet simply adjusting k/cals as they pertain to your goals.

Hope this helps,

Any further details on any of these diets just fire away.