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Fat Gripz


Got some and they are awesome
how do you use them?
ive been only using them for bicep movements and forearm movements and i cant seen them helping anything else on other movements.


I got them many years ago. The thing that I noticed is that they'll work with just about anything IF you lighten the weight. They're really good for getting more bang out of lighter weight exercises. Now, that doesn't mean to do high reps. The reps will be just as difficult. But in a different way. That's the point - to challenge the muscles in a new way. Trying to use the same weights you normally lift will not work on most stuff, imo.

I think the best way to incorporate Fat Gripz is to use them on one or two exercises each time. Like, if you have 4 shoulder exercises that you regularly do, use the gripz on 1 or 2 of them. And don't worry if that the weights are lower. The other exercises will not only pick up the slack, but may actually go up.


Just play around with them and keep an open mind. One of the bodybuilders in my gym uses them mainly on lateral raises and swears that they've added major size to his delts (his delts are like boulders). I know Dave Tate likes them for benching. I use them on most exercises but feel the most benefit on arms and chest.


I've had the same experience. They work with just about everything. I suggest some farmer carries: brutal.


I read an nasty rumor that they fit over pull up bars.


Also seated row. Goodbye grip.


I have had the blue fatgripz for years and have used them for almost everything, even leg press (kidding).

They change things up pretty nice, my room mate loved them for tricep rope pushdowns.

Only drawback I found when benching is they can sometimes slide in or out on the bar.

The red ones (extremes) I have only used for things like reverse curls, hammer curls and just forearm/grip work.


dumbbell and barbell static holds for time. Great for my grip and forearms. also use for RDL's.


I use them on military press and bench press.


Lol! Idk why I found that so funny, but I was actually laughing when I read the leg press part


what are the benefits of fat grips besides grip work? I like doing some arm work with an open hand position and cocked wrists, and fat grips seem to help promote that naturally. I've heard shoulder benefits and even that a fat grip + straps is ideal for back work


Ive been using fat grips for 2 months now and the biggest benefit for me is its got rid of my slight left elbow tendonitus that regular curls would give me, using the fat grips on curls seem to spread the load over the joint and using them means curls no longer give my elbow any problems. They have also made my forearms bigger and as a bonus made my arms much more vascular what i was not expecting.


i have a dumbbell which has a fat handle and it feels really different when doing any type of curl.
it feels like my forearms gonna explode which is good because they are extremely small for my upper arms.