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Fat Gripz


I saw this on an add.


What do you guys think? I'm thinking of going half with my friend and getting a pair.


Get them...there worth the money.




Not sure about those, but I have the Tyler Grips which are pretty good.


i have the tyler grips too, but if buying them were enoguh of a financial stretch for me that I had to split it, i'd say they arent worth it. I really only use them on back day and even then only one exercise at the end of my session


I'm only gonna go half because we work out together at his house, so it would make sense that we both put up for it.


Yeah, definitely get them. Check the search for a couple old threads out there, but you are gonna love fat grips if you use them right. Try them on any curls, bench presses, or military presses.


There was a thread on this. Run a search.


Explain by what you mean of using them "right."


In my opinion there is likely going to be a time where you can deadlift only so much with fat gripz, to use that as an example. Use fat gripz but don't let them stop you from adding weight on the bar, which is the basically the number one principle of progressing for strength and size.


If I do get them would Fat Gripz replace all of my pressing and curling movements? If not how long should I be using them or cycling them? (If that even makes any sense.)


Just wrap some towels to the bar...


got my fat gripz a few days ago and have used them twice so far. I used them for speed deadlifts and they made it a lot harder, simply by making it more difficult to grip the bar. took them off for the last 2 sets and the bar felt like a pencil and just flew up off the ground. Used the fat gripz again for upper body workout - great for pull ups (again with the extra effort just to grip the bar), db shoulder press, and curls (probably felt the biggest difference from the fat gripz from curls, biceps/arms had a new soreness that I haven't felt in awhile). they will def. give you a new forearm stimulus and make your arm exercises tougher/better. I def enjoyed them and would recommend them to anyone.