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Fat Gripz!



i recently purchased a pair of these fat gripz to incorporate into my training as appose to throwing down 500 dollars for an actual 2 inch bar. has anyone used these before? any results?


Bought some a few weeks ago in April. Love them.

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I use them on warmup sets or until they hinder the work that I'm doing, like db rows.


Fat Gripz are the best $35 I ever spent.

I've posted about this before but in short they are awesome. Very high quality, totally solid on the bar even for heavy benching, will probably last forever (you've got to hold a pair to see how solid they are).

I use them in almost all movements and add some "bar holds" (holding a barbell in one hand with them, adding weight over time) and after just a few weeks, my forearms and upper arms are quite noticeably thicker.

I know someone will say "you can just use some pipe round the bar" (which I have done myself in the past) but you really cant compare that with fatgripz. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Hope that's useful.

I think this is the right link http://fatgripz.com

There are some good vids of Dave Tate using Fat Gripz on youtube

e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oex_2tzvId8&feature=PlayList&p=EAB39C6162B952F8&index=0&playnext=1


Ya, someone asked about them in another post...work great, my arms are definitely more jacked!

The only s##t thing is someone stole my pair last week...came out of the change room and they were gone! If I find the f@#$ing cockroach...


Just ordered some. Hope it lives up to the hype.


i dont live in us and it cost lot of money to ship in europe. any idea how to improvise some fat grips??


Wrap a towel around the bar, not quite the same but it will challenge your grip.


there's a sucker born every-second, PT Barnum


how do they compare to tylergrips?


Tried both recently. TGs are good but I much prefer the Fat Gripz because they are so much more solid on the bar. They really are the closest thing to a thick bar I've found... and in some ways better because I can take them anywhere and go from thick bar to standard bar so easily.

First time I used them my forearms were so sore I could hardly use my phone the next day ha ha!


Yes,i just wrap a piece of cloth a few rounds around my farmers walk implements.

No point using chalk because the cloth would "absorb" it...so essentially I am training without chalk.

Why even waste the money on some fanciful grip stuff?


I have both the Tyler Grips & the Fat Gripz. Waste of money? Possibly? Helpful to my workouts & increasing grip strength? Most definitely.

If you've got the money & inclination, go ahead & buy them. In the past I used to jury-rig foam, tape, etc. to make myself fat style grips & even towels wrapped around the bar a few times & those methods work as well too.

I'm a cheap bastard but if I can afford to get some decent equipment why the hell not?

By the way it's a toss up performance wise between the Tyler Grips & these models... I prefer the taper on the Tyler Grips better myself BUT both are good at what they are designed for. & these suckers last quite a while as well.


They look promising. I ordered a pair. Thanks for the tip.

As for others: Yeah, you can use towels or foam, but that becomes a distraction. You're worried about keeping the jerry-rigged item on the bar, rather than focusing on the movement.

With these, it looks like they remain steady. So you don't need to wonder if the bar is going to fall out of your hands, or if the towel is going to unravel.

In theory, they look fantastic.

Hopefully others who have bought them will speak to how they actually work.


These are a wise investment and they add a little variety to my bicep/forearm/back training.


Why do you absolutely hate everything ?


just used them for the first time....it sucked ass! lol

my forearms are killing me

it added a challenge to barbell rows and i loved it. definitely waste your money on these if you can : )


I love my Tyler Grips so far. They kill the grip. Like you said, I do like the taper on them and really like what they've done for my workouts so far.

However, they do tend to move a little when doing heavier work with them, especially on presses and have a little too much give on them for pressing.

I plan on getting a pair of Fat Gripz to use for that purpose since people seem to be reporting that that they don't seem to move as much and don't have the same give to them that the Tyler Grips do.

Waste of money? Not at all. Plus, I have a job, so spending $30 on a piece of equipment for my gym bag that will probably last me a lifetime isn't going to break the bank.


You noticed that too huh? I find the TGs gap a bit when holding them so you have to be mindful of holding the part with the opening in your hands, so basically you are "squeezing the gap" closed... If you are using them with the gap on the bottom it will not end well...

I only mentioned that for some it will be a waste of money as some people are of the mentality "why buy it when you can make it/get by without?" (Not that there is anything wrong with that as well)

In closing it's nice to have both at your disposal & alternate. Try unloaded barbell curls or standing single shoulder BB presses with a Tyler or Fat Grip on. It'll be challenging :stuck_out_tongue:


I hate seeing people waste money. Props to the guy that is marketing these though.


How is it a waste of money? You simply saying it doesn't make it so.

I'm taking it you've never used them. Have you ever tried thick bar training?

Again, for those with jobs, $30 isn't going to break the bank. There are far worse things to 'waste' your money on.