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Fat Gripz: What Lifts?


What lifts do you use them on?


I have used them on:

Clean and Jerks
Military/Bench/Incline Press and their DB variations
Deadlifts on occassion
Farmer’s Walks and other hold type exercises
DB Curl variations


So pretty much everything


Yeah just about. Get creative with it.


these things are amazing i use them on pretty much everything. You wouldnt think they make a big difference on pressing movements but i actually feel my triceps working more and there is less stress on the elbow


can i use these on to simulate using a thick bar? i,Bodybuilding calls for benching with a thick bar but my gym doesn’t have one.


Yes they make any bar a thick bar.


Clean and jerks with fat gripz? no better way to punish your forearm :slight_smile:

I personally like to use towels around the bar for every type of presses (especially during ramping up, as after that when I drop the towies, the regular bar just feels like toy…) and for pullups/rows. But I’ve given up using the on deadlifts and cleans, as they limited my strength way too much. Sure, if you can clean significant amount of weigth with fat gripz, then your grip probably would crush a rock easily. :wink:

edit: hmmm I also love towies around dumbell handles. Actually, db snatches and db benching with “fat dbs” are among the best things I recall doing.


[quote]GruntOrama wrote:
I have used them on:

Clean and Jerks
Military/Bench/Incline Press and their DB variations
Deadlifts on occassion
Farmer’s Walks and other hold type exercises
DB Curl variations[/quote]

What a beast . . . knocking out pull-ups with FATGRIPZ requires quite a bit of forearm and grip strength. Nice work buddy.



I use them for pressing movements and biceps work something lime one out of four weeks.
I also like to do all kinds of chins and pull-ups with fat gripz, but no so much for other pulling work. I feel there are better ways to train forearms.


Thick bars are good…but the grip4orce is like a thick bar on steroids!! Double the burn in half the sets. I have guys at the gym that can’t even take 135lbs on a straight bar and do a dead hang for 1 min with grip4orce grips. I have advanced to the stiff flex but most guys in the gym use the regular version. I look at it this way grab a hand squeezer and hold it down, you’re going to feel the hands and forearm working. Now imagine if there was no spring and you squeezed it down…not nearly the burn. I prefer thick-bars when doing some pulls and deads, but always use the grip4orce with arms and shoulders.


I used them mostly for Farmer walks and sometimes pullups, though I prefer using a towel to work my grip for pullups.


Definitely all pressing movements because they will not lead to a decrease in weight used.

Fat Gripz holds on any kind of chin up bar.

Pretty much anything with a bar or dumbbell, although for pulling movements it becomes more of a grip exercise than anything.


Fat Gripz have really helped minimize my shoulder pain while OHP. Really happy CT dropped this tidbit, it’s made a huge difference in my shoulder health.


i use them on pretty much everything now. Had to reduce weights at first on most movements but that was temporary. Now stronger in all lifts. Its hard to describe but for me I simply feel much more powerful now that I use fatgripz. I guess its because I feel strong right to the tips of my fingers now. Good tip too re reduced stress on joints etc when using fatgripz. I’ve found the same. I even use them on dips now because they spread the load more evenly on my wrists, elbows and shoulders. They are sweet.


Dave Tate Gun show!!


I can flat BB bench without any shoulder and wrist pain. Before Fat Gripz my wrists would be sore the next day. Also my shoulders have never felt better.