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Fat Gripz in the UK?

Could really find a place for equipment questions so thought here would do???

but any of you UK guy know where to get Fat Gripz from as there is noway my gym is speand out on fat bars!!!

any help welcomed…


I just ordered from the US mate, shipping was only about $11, which is like £5-6. Bit steep but they’re worth it.

mine were shipped from the UK!

i had ordered a pair on the website last week (for delivery to belgium). shipping was $10.

when i received the shipping confirmation it mentioned that the order would be sent via royal mail. i was surprised to see that but they arrived in the meantime, and i can confirm they were shipped from the UK indeed.

Yea, mine arrived within about 2 days as well so might well be the case that they have stock over here.

what website was this?? yeah if i can’t get em then going to bite the bullet and get them from the US…

Dam reading this site nothing is avaliable in the UK!!!

We stock our facility from the below supplier:

Excellent range and service. Ask for Andy Micellef and say Jack from Spartan Performance sent you. He should beat their online prices for you.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jack, will look into it right now!

www.fatgripz.com delivered by Royal Mail in 2 days. Was expecting them to come from the States but not so.

thanks for the help guys!

This must have happened quite recently! When I bought my Fatgripz, they were shipped from North America.

anyone who bought from the uk, did you get charged any custom fees?

No, they were shipped from within the UK and arrived within 2 days. No customs involvement.

I recently bought some thick bars and dumbbell handles. If you’ve got a bit of spare cash you might want to have a look: http://www.gymequipment.uk.com/store/category/gkx7/Thick_Bars.html