Fat Gripz Didn't Make a Dent on My First Workout...

so i got these in the mail yesterday and was excited to try them out. the routine i’m currently on includes:

3x8-12 giant set of-
atg squat
incline db bench
bb rdl

then 3x8-12 giant set of-
bb lunges
seated bar row
hanging leg raise

i used the fat grips for everything but the squats, lunges, and leg raises. my forearms got a huge pump during the workout, and i could barely hang on to the last set of hanging leg raises, having to take rests between every 2 reps because my grip gave out.

i’m weirded out right now because my forearms aren’t sore at all the next morning. it seems i rarely get sore. i’m not sure if this is indicative of not training hard enough or fast recovery. i do train very hard, fyi, so it’s not a matter of not pushing myself. if anyting i’d figure i’d be really sore no matter how hard i trained the first time using these.

any reason why i’m not at least somewhat sore?

only way to find out is to keep training and find out for yourself. if you don’t notice any difference in a few weeks, then quit using them.

most importantly, stop over thinking things.

How’s your Workout Nutrition and overall diet? I was always sore until I cleaned those two up, now I rarely am (Unless I do an exercise for the first time in a long time)

It could just be you have good recovery…

I got a pair of Fat Grips, but I thought you’re supposed to put them on your dick. That explains a lot.

nm definitely feelin it in the 2nd half of the day. :slight_smile:

DOMS can hit you up to two days later. I remember working high rep squats once and not feeling it till three days after.

Sounds fairly normal to me. The muscles in your forearm and hand used for griping are used constantly threw out the day and at different levels of intensity, they are very fatigue resistant so it takes a lot of work to beat them down and once they are down they can bounce back quickly. So assuming you are getting in plenty of protein and a good 8+ hours of sleep then it is not odd at all for them to recover so quickly.

On a side note, even tho the muscles may feel at 100% I bet that if you were to try the exact same work out again today (lets say just for the sake of it your other muscles have recovered) I bet that you would have a harder time holding on to the bar than you did yesterday. Even tho you feel at 100%, you may only be at 85-90% you know.

But stick with it and if after a month or so you don’t see a grip improvement or any size gains, then ditch them.