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Fat Gripz and Thick Bars



Do you still ever train with fat bars? What main benefits would you say lifting with fat bars is? Unfortunately my gym doesn’t have any thick bars so I was thinking about getting fat gripz handles, any experience with these? Are they an adequate supplement for a full length thick bar?

Pressing with a fat bar is so much easier on my shoulders and I seem to get a much better muscle connection so I really want to utilise them.

Thanks CT


Yes I prefer pressing with a fat bar. As you mention, easier on the shoulders. The Fat Gripz might even be better than a regular fat bar for the bench press because it gives you about 0.5" more in range of motion versus a fat bar.

I also like fat gripz/fat bar for curls, seems to be even better for biceps but I don’t like it for pulls and rows unless specifically using it for grip strength and not back development.


I have used them . They are great for pressing but just make you use a powerrack like it says on the packet.
I nearly dropped one once.