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Fat Gripz and Other Useful Items

I was on holiday with aunty for that time.
On monday i start @ChickenLittle also i want to efficiently train the best i can so anything like fat grips which iv heard is awesoke for forearms and grip i am interested in

Efficiency and optimizing are the pursuits of unsuccessful, small and weak people. Focus on training hard, often and for a long time.

We talked about this before. Bust your ass for 10 years and you will be successful.


Yeah thats good advice dude but i asked a simple question and no one can answer it.
I plan to train hard and having useful items to train harder with like fat gripz wich are apparently really good for forearms and i asked if they are as good as the reviews are and if they are worth the buy!! And if there is other useful items!!

Honey, we are trying to help you. You don’t need ANY special equipment right now. There is NO secret ingredient. You just need to settle down and do a program for a couple of years and THEN you may want to add some specialty stuff.

I understand that you are impatient, but this is a game of endurance, NOT a sprint. IF you really want to do it right.

In ONE of your other threads you suggested that money for food was an issue. Buy food, not FatGripz.

How many times do you have to read the words…
Eat, sleep, train, repeat to get it thru your head?


Ok il just buy it anyway since no once can answer if its a good thing. I get i dont need any special shit but apparently its good for forearm size and strength which will help in beinging up strentgh on lifts etc so its useful in the long run and im asking if its good as people say.
But il just buy it because im obviously just going to get the same thing "train hard blah blah blah"
Im not looking for magical items or woekouta just useful things to help ttaining more efficient.
So seriously… and “eat train sleep” repeat
Well guess what fat gripz is part of the training!! I know it takes time but things like fat gripz can make things better or like how abfoam roller is good for recovery and a useful item…
Ir how Bcaas are good for recovery.
A person using a foam roller will recover a bit bettee hen a person who doesnt at all…
So don’t have a go at me for seeking advice about an item and useful items.

yes I have them they are very good. Use a powewrrack as they are dangerous for bench presses.
ab wheels are good too but hazardous for the lower back without proper training. Grippers are not necessary they are good for testing strength .You can injure your hands very easiliy with them.

I guess most of the guys have a lot of the items your mentioning. Just tore a bicep on a bullworker weeks ago too and still is not right.

Tools are just tools , proper training is proper programming and patience.

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I have just gotten an ab wheel as a christmas gift and they are awesome!
Thanks finally someone with an answer to my question .

No, you got plenty of answers to your question. You just didn’t get the one you wanted, however.

You think you understand more than you do. I don’t come on this site to discourage 14 year olds. I come on this site, because hopefully someone wil avoid wasting their time and money on something that will not provide benefit.


Exactly! Can’t imagine why his girlfriend ditched him :joy::joy::joy:


Good luck with you training. It sounds like you have everything figured out.

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Fat grips aren’t necessary for forearm training. I’m sure you want a thick back to go with those Popeye arms. Deadlifts, DB rows, and other exercises where you hold heavy weights will build your forearms and grip strength.

I think the fat grips have a place for people like me with big hands but I still haven’t bought them. They can put the bar in a better position for pressing movements. They can help put the bar in line with your forearms instead of hyper extending your wrists.

If you have big hands, then they could be useful. If you’re just looking for a way to challenge your grip, then they’re not necessary. Plenty of ways to do that in a gym without spending extra money. Heck, grab two plates and squeeze them together. I bet that’ll burn the forearms.

In regards to bands, I bought a cheap set on eBay for pull aparts and light stuff. It’s so cheap it’s unbranded. $13.99 got me 2 handles, an anchor to close in a door, and 5 different bands. If you’re going to do anything big like leg curls or assisted dips and pull ups then it’s worth spending extra money for something reliable. Wouldn’t want to snap a cheap band and catch it in the junk.

I know you want to be “efficient” but the reality is that most of us aren’t strong/elite enough to need extra “tools” like chains, grips, etc. On the flip side if you enjoy using that stuff and it keeps you motivated and consistent then use the hell out of them!


Yeah thats a bit mean saying that about girlfriend leaving me well its left me quite messed up and depressed so go away

Thanks @Frank_C i think bands is a good investment for me and useful for stretches and mobility.

They’re not cheap but I used to use JumpStretch bands. We used the purple one for stretching and resistance in our gym. We sold them for $20-25 a piece.

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I have bad shoulders i plan on using them mainly for pull aparts

I have some Fat Gripz. I think they are pretty cool. Some guys are into thick handled/grip oriented stuff, but most people couldn’t care less. They are pretty versatile, if they seem like fun and you are into grip and forearms, why not? You might use them a lot. At the very least, you give yourself more ways to do curls.

Like dude above, I would say Jumpstretch bands. For a young dude, a Mini Band would be good. Jumpstretch Mini Bands are “Red” bands. Again, this isn’t necessary, but bands are versatile, and cheaper than dumbbells. Pullaparts, Tricep Pushdowns, band GMs, band curls, band leg curls, band upright rows and face pulls. Stuff to do away from the gym. You could use the Fat Gripz as a handle to do stuff with the bands.

To repeat, these things are fun extras, not requirements. But you’d probably be better off with a Mini Band and some Fat Gripz than with an X-Box game or some bigg-ass fancy headphones.

I would urge you not to waste any money on grippers. In my opinion, they are hard to train on effectively and have pretty minimal carry-over to anything else.


Alright il definitely stick with buying fat grips and bands thanks for the tips☺

I own Fat Gripz and use them on and off. They are good for someone who trains at a typical commercial gym or a home gym with limited space/budget. I only use them for my accessory work.

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Fat gripz are good, just start off using them sparingly or you will piss off your wrists and hands

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I was thinking just add them to curls everyonce in a while and on farmers walks