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Fat Girl + Table Dancing = Comedy


Best laugh in a long time from a video

2:50 but it is funnier with the build-up


That table was cringing the whole time.


Damn you Newton and your gravity!


Who can blame her for wanting to get some cardio in while singing?


Oh man did that have to hurt!


This video may be the biggest Win T-Nation has had in some time.

Besides lewhitehurst.


WOW. That made me laugh, thanks.


lol @ how long it took her to get back to her feet.

seriously, if you weigh that much, why would you think standing on a table like that would be a good idea?


Because she's phat. She's got curves in all the right places.


i guess, those curves are the only thing that saved her from falling and getting hurt.


Ah, right on the side. That had to hurt like hell.


It makes you wonder: Who the fuck uploads this embarrassing shit?