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Fat Gain on Massive Eating



I was just wondering, on the Massive Eating Reoloaded Diet, how much fat did you all generally gain per month?

I'm just looking to get a general idea of how much fat gain is "normal" during a bulking phase with this type of diet.

I'm on the Massive Eating Diet, with Waterbury's HF program. I don't cycle carbs, because it's too much of a hassle!

Thanks a lot


I don't know the exact numbers I was gaining... but I WISH I would have done some HIIT cardio 3 or 4 times week when I was bulking. I think doing the cardio several hours apart from the weight lifting would have stunted the fat gains a good deal. Maybe something to think about.


You will gain fat while bulking, it's just a hard fact.

How bad do you want the muscle?


That is much easier to do if there happens to be a new 20lbs of muscle uderneath. I mean, when you all see the progress that bodybuilders make when "bulking up" like what Da Freak just did, do you all think that the extra weight gain was just unnecessary and that he would ha gained the same by retsricting calories?

If the answer is "yes", you may have a little more to learn. Trying to gain while never gaining an extra pound of fat tissue will slow down progress SIGNIFICANTLY. Everyone doesn't want to lift weights for 15 years only to look like they just started.


Word. HAHA! Learn to love the bulk belly. It's just a brick in the road to success!!!


I can tell you what I do and what works for me at my given size. I shoot for adding 1-2 pounds each week to my current size. If I'm consistently adding much more than this than I know I'm probably putting on too much fat and must make the appropriate adjustments either through diet or cardio, perhaps both. I weigh myself once a week, at the same time, and in the same attire. Obviously all of this hinges on me doing my part through proper diet, training, etc.


I got a little fat, but I ate shit. Plan out how youre going to get your calories. My plan was generally to eat 3 protein shakes and 3 fast food meals that were on the healthy side for fast food (no fries, diet soft drink, and a ton of Wendys Chili or like 3 double cheeseburgers without the sugary condiments like ketchup/mustard or something). I knew it wasnt ideal but I was lean and it got the job done.

Figure out how to get the calories avoiding trans fat and refined flour/simple sugars and you will do much better than I did. This is no small task, though.

As for me, next time around I already know some foods and habits that will improve my results. Oatmeal with breakfast (maybe lunch too), Metabolic Drive instead of 100% Whey, Flax/Olive oil in my shakes, cooking mass chicken breasts/beef to take to work for lunch, 4 Flameout instead of 2 walgreens brand fish oil pills, possibly HOT-ROX but not sure on that one. I still think I am going to have to have one "clean" fast food meal a day to get the cals I will need (like 4000)but you do what you got to. Im also going to make an effort to get my carbs in before like 2pm (besides my post workout binge - i drink 45 g whey in gatorade concentrate during my workout and go to chipotle for a double meat burrito bowl after).

I think the "g-flux" of the HFT program will help your body comp as well. Thats my plan too.