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Fat Gain During PCT? Cutting While On PCT?

Hello guys,
So my last pin of Test e was exactly 29 days ago. I started my Pct about two weeks ago and everything was going fine. I was eating in a caloric surplus and lifting heavyweights in the 3-6 reps range at 80-90% RM using Push/Pull/Legs Split, no cardio whatsoever. I was actually smashing New Prs during these weeks and I was glad until I decided to measure my waist. Turns out, in just 29 days I added about 2" to my waist which is a lot of fat.
So, do you guys think it would be a good idea to start a cut or maybe use the lifters 5/2 diet where I am on a surplus for 5 days a week, and I do a pulsing fast on 2 days per week are calories are very low.
Any opinions, I would appreciate your input because I don’t want to lose my hard earned muscle very fast.

As far as I understand during PCT and some time after you cannot build new muscle. So eating a surplus will result in fat gain. Protein should be kept high to try and keep as much muscle as possible during this time.

Thanks for the reply bro. So, do you think it is a better idea to eat at maintenance while keeping protein high rather than eating extra calories above maintenance?

Personally I went into a small deficit. which worked fine for me. I had minimal muscle loss. No fat gain.

That sound very interesting. I am glad to hear it worked for you, I might as well tried it since am gaining fat like crazy.