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Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt?

I’m following JB’s Massive Eating. Plain yogurt is one of the suggested foods to be eaten 1st meal postworkout. Is fat free vanilla yogurt ok? I have it every now and again post workout, but i always feel unsure.

lookin for a quik answer…

Ja! Der Joghurt ist gut!

Read the label. Compare to plain. See what the difference is.

My god, Paul, that was about the most sensible, direct piece of advice I’ve ever seen.

Das Stimmt. Am Besten!

It comes out of a machine in the school cafe. So i have no label to read. All it says is per 1 oz serving 1G protien, 0G fat, 6grams carbs. It also says healthy choice all over the place. I even asked the workers for more info 1 day. I would like someone to clear this up for me please.

The cafeteria workers didn’t get the info for you after you asked? Then you should raise the issue with your principal (if you’re in HS) or with your campus ombudsman (if you’re in college). If necessary, tell them that you have medical condition that causes you to react badly to some types of yogurt and you want to make sure of what’s in the school’s version. They’ll help you, rest assured.

Wait a second – it comes out of a machine? Are we talking about frozen yogurt?

I’m in college. And i think it is healthy choice frozen yogurt…does that make a diffrence? Thanx for the replies.

Dude, you are basically eating ice cream. You should have known this.

You are getting almost triple the carbs (all from sugar most likely), when compared to plain non-fat yogurt. 6 g C per oz versus 2 g C per oz.

Hoo boy… MBE, take it away…

what does this yogurt have that sets it apart from plain yogurt in berardi’s suggestion.

when are you peole going to stop asking these questions? one change in your diet ex. from regular to fat free yogurt isn’t going to change anything, so stop worying about it and posting about it.

…but is it still effective 1st meal post workout?

Is this the only thing you will be eating?if so then the answer is no. You should be getting around .4 g of protein per kg of bodyweight, and .8 g of C. For me that would be 30 g P and 60 g C. That would be 30 oz of yogurt to get 30 g of protein, more than I want to eat. With that you get 3 times the carbs needed(180g). Sounds like a recipe for fat gain. Stick to the plain stuff you buy at the store.

no, it’s not the only thing i eat. I’ve actually only had the yogurt twice. I just wanted to know if it was harmful or benificial.

Thank you for the introduction Zev. Ryan, c’mere bud. Closer. Good, good. Listen, cap’n, and don’t take it the wrong way, we’re here to help. You should avoid this yogurt. It is bad yogurt. Not good yogurt. Baaaaad yogurt. If that yogurt were a prom date, it would be mistaken for a water buffalo. Please Ryan, for the sake of your own dietary and muscular benefit, do not consume any more of this foul offal. Smacks Ryan on the back of the head Now we’re all good.

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I hope that answers your question.