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Fat for Fuel

I am a 45 year old aspiring Triathlete. I?m 6?4? and 242 lbs. I need to be closer to 195. I have been cycling a couple of years and have started running consistently. I have been to a human performance laboratory and had my max heart rate, lactate threshold tested. The report that I got also listed fuel use during exercise. At 116 beats per minute, I?m burning 5.7 calories per minute of carb and 4.2 calories of fat. At 127 bpm it?s 6.6 calories of carb and 4.5 calories of fat, at 137 bpm it?s 11.7 calories of carb and 2.7 calories of fat, at 152 bpm it?s 15.1 calories of carb and .7 calories of fat.
My question is how do I get my body to burn more fat? Endurance nutrition experts suggest a breakdown of 65/15/20 carb/pro/fat, but I?m wondering if a 40/30/30 approach might be more effective?


as your exercise gets more and more demanding i.e. requires more and more oxygen, you end up using more CHO.

To burn preferentially fat, you must do medium intensity endurance exercises for a long period (walking for example will primarily use fat.).