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I’ve found the only way I can stomach taking my cod liver oil is by mixing it up with a glass of orange metamucil, then holding my nose and chugging it. I’m guessing that the fat absorption will NOT be affected by the fiber. I’ve seen a study posted about the total ineffectivness of chitosan re: blocking fat absorption. Anyone have a thought?

Yes, ditch the cod liver oil and use quality fish oil capsules. Cod liver oil is not a good choice at all. Do a search and find out the details at T-mag or here on the forum. There was a good discussion on this recently.

Though chitosan is ineffective due to not being able to absorb enough fat to make a large enough impact on fat calorie intake to lose weight, from what I’ve read fiber (all fibers in general) will collect fat and hold onto some of it in your digestive tract. That apparently being the case, I’m guessing some of your cod liver oil may be passed through your digestive tract. BTW, why are you taking cod liver oil? If it’s for EPA/DHA, this has been discussed in previous posts that traditionally cod liver is a vitamin A and D supplement and though it contains EPA/DHA, to get very much EPA/DHA, will will definately run the risk of over dosing on vitamin A which as a fat soluable vitamin builds up in the body and can accumalate to toxic levels and can cause liver damage in large doses.

Ment to add if looking for EPA/DHA, stick to fish oil caps instead of cod liver oil - they’re not the same thing.

Thanks for your concern guys. Yes, I do take it for the EPA/DHA. And yes, I have read all the other threads about it. I only use it to make up about half my epa/dha for the day, the other half I get from caps. I’ve found it totally impossible to choke down 50caps a day. The cod oil has 1g of EPA/DHA per TEASPOON, much easier and economical too. As for the vitamin toxicity, I limit my dosage to where that isn’t an issue.

Try flax oil with some fish oil caps.