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Fat....Fat...Fat...Or am I?

I have been lifting for about three years now. If you are only counting the years that I have lifted knowledgeably I guess one could estimate around 1 and a half. The year 2000 was a pretty good year as in I finally gained 20 lbs. Although now when I look into the mirror from a side angle my stomach appears slightly swollen. I realize that I have added some bodyfat over a period of time, but it doesn’t appear to be bodyfat meaning you can’t pinch much fat around my stomach. Has this happened to anyone? Do you guys consider this normal or should I have it checked out by a doc? Thanks in advance.

I guess my question would be how much are you really pinching? Is it an inch or half an inch? A lot of guys tend to put on fat around their beltline, so you could be pretty lean and still have that fat. The only way to know for sure is to get measured by a pro. I do think that Men’s Health covers and BB mags have planted unrealistic expectations in every guys’ minds that they should be sporting rippling 6-packs or they’re pathetic losers. I think most people have trouble reaching, much less maintaining, that sort of leanness.

It could just be that you worked your abs in a way that made them gain mass, in that case it is not something that you need to see a doctor about. It could also be that your abdomen is distended, in that case you may want to see a doctor. You probably will not be able to tell by just looking, and if it something that you are worried about it is always better to spend the ten bucks,see a doctor then to take chances.

If you have been squatting heavy in the past year that could be it. Heavy squats tend to thicken your middle up. It’s muscle not fat.

I had the same problem 'till I ditched the weight belt and started training TVA; once strengthened, this muscle will pull your entire waistline in all the time; you become much more injury resistant, too. Search through the previous articles for the one by Paul Chek; back strong and beltless, I think it’s called.

This is kind of a weird question because without seeing a picture, you guy may have either giant obliques, fat, bulge from heavy squats, poor posture, medical condition etc. I don’t think there’s enough information. By the way, my car makes a funny sound. It’s red and the engine sometimes goes RRR RRR RR. If one of you guys is a mechanic and you know what is wrong, please let me know. :slight_smile:

I think its the lifting. Before I started back lifting my waist was actually concave (very little inter abdomen fat). Over the last few months my routine of benching, deadlifts, ab work, etc. seems to be causing my abs to distend. Especially my lower abs but obliques are the same. I’m sort of getting that male gorilla look. My bf continues to drop and lbm is increasing nicely so I can’t complain.