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Fat Fast

Anyone done this protocol? I am currently ~17% bf and 211 @ 5’11". I did a 3 week bulk with MAG-10 and it went great, had great gains, but turned into a fatty more than I had hoped. I have spring break coming, and want a quick diet. I read the article by Brock posted in 2000. Very interesting diet indeed. So, basically just 5 tbs of flax oil and protein shakes is what I understand.

Is this true? Does it REALLY work?

I was going to implement fat to fire and the fat fast diet.

Suggestions? Questions?

Check Shug’s blog. He’s doing a modified Fat Fast that you might find interesting.



So what I am taking from Shug’s sort of rambling and Brock’s writing is that if you do use MAG-10 style prohormones, you’ll keep most if not all muscle.

I have a lot of salmon, so a possible solid meal would be baked salmon…should I add spinach to that for some fiber, or no?

Metamucil won’t cut it? Even two drinks worth? Any other fiber suggestions if metamucil isn’t enough?

To Surge or not to Surge? I was thinking maybe to add Surge to my workout days, and not to add it to my HIIT days.

I was thinking of buying Vege Greens, or that great veggie replacement stuff. Thoughts?

Wouldn’t oatmeal, even 1 cup of it with some berries somewhat ruin the diet itself? Would it just prolong the diet and make my goals even harder?

Why is it more wise to drink nothing but shakes instead of adding ground turkey or chicken? This doesn’t make sense to me.

If anyone can explain any of these questions, that would be awesome because I plan on going on this diet two days from now.


k, i think i got it planned.

1 scoop Vege Greens
1 serving of Metamucil
3 Grow! shakes
5 tbs flax seed oil
1 serving Surge on workout days (3 days)

single to double dose Mag-10
4 Maximum Strength HOT-ROX
3-5g creatine post w/o
500 mg Vit. C

On days when i have a solid meal (salmon) no fish oil capsules, on days that I do not, 4 fish oil capsules.

1 day a week, all protein shakes (13 scoops)

wish me luck, or give any advice if you have them.

Shooting for 28-35 days. sigh

My advice: Don’t do it. There are a few issues with the fat fast:

  1. Uncontrollable Hunger…your mouth waters at the mention of a protein shake.
  2. Really hard to stick to
  3. Rapid Weight loss and rapid weight gain when you stop. For example i’ve never lasted more than 10 days on it but in those 10 days I would drop 2 inches on my waist and 14lbs or so…but gain at least 10 back in the next 2 just b/c I wasn’t able to stop eating.
  4. Drink OVER a gallon of water a day, not including the shakes. Buy a gallon water jug and make sure you finish it each day…This will make it a more realistic weight loss.
  5. If you take Hot-Rox for this…I would actually take additional caffeine to control your appetite.
    Just my two cents from my two tries at it.