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Fat Fast

There should definetly be more recent posts because i was on this for about 10 weeks straight and it kicked ass. I lost about 18lbs and it wasnt tough for me at all. I love the shakes, it was pretty easy for me.

Good luck and it DOES WORK!

What did your menu look like, also what training did you follow?

(not really sure where my original message went…)

Well, made it through one week w/ mostly protein shakes and flax (and one “solid” meal at night, w/ in the guidelines though). Can’t gag down one more shake.
Going to continue, but using food. A little harder, since I have to look up and track anything I eat, but well worth it, to not have to take another shake.

This diet really seems to work (for loss). If you think about it, it’s just a combination of two diets. A ketogenic diet (like Atkins, or CKD w/out the carb up) and a calorie restrictive diet (like weight watchers). You would expect doing a “compound” diet would give you better results.

Funny thing is, even though I’m still following the diet guidlines (calories at 50% of maintenence, 1/2 from protein, and 1/2 from fat), I feel guilty as hell eating food. I can sort of see how some people get eating disorders…