Fat Fast

Trying to do the impossible.

I am getting married the end of June and want to drop as much fat as possible. (I have much to lose, so I just want to make a dent).

Here is my plan:

Fat Fast (Using Grow and Udo’s)
Methoxy 7 (I had some stockpiled)
Hot Rox

Cardio 4x week (running)
Upper body 2x week
Lower body 2x week

I hope to lose 15 to 20 lbs of fat.

Any other recommendations?

your cardio should probably be just 3x a week and do intervalas not just runing…

also do 3 full body workouts with a realtive high intensity and lower volume…just to conserve strength and muscle as much as you can…

if you do lots of reps and break down muscle what is going to happen if you dont have anything to build it back up??

better go for more neural training to conserve your strength

CT’s Running Man article.

Thanks to you both… I forgot all about that Article. I will definitely incorporate it in and let you know how it goes.

Should I throw Tribex or M into the mix?

Depending how you respond to stress after the workout you might want to take Surge. The reason I bring this up is that I tried the low carb thing to lose fat. However, it stressed my body out more than it was worth. It wasn’t until adding surge to my workout and PWO nutrition that my fat loss picked up again. I think it is because I am more susceptible to cortisol than most.

Also beware that if you do the fat fast and do not ease slowly back into your carbs you’ll blow up and be fatter than before. The slow and easy route is best but do what you have to do. Just be careful coming off the fat fast.

2 days of Westside (ME days) and 2 days of Meltdown days. Every 2 days. My version of T-Dawg 2.0 which involves all veggies of all kinds with the exception for PWO which consists of sugars. It’s alot easier than I expected. I’d have 3 big salads covered with extra olive oil mixed with balsmaic vinegar. Makes me drool when I think about it… So tasty… Also i take 2-3 TBS of virgin coconut oil, 1 TBS of Udo Choices, 3-5g of fish oils. I do low or nonimpact cardio on the nonlifting days, nothing hard. Try walking on the treadmill on graded 12% at 3.5 MPH. That kicked my ass. Eliptical. It probably won’t hurt to do couple of brief HIIT cardio like running man ON LIFTING days at a different time. you really need those nonlifting days to recover from the lifting the day before. It’s just for 3 weeks before I take a mini break before I start a different program. Anything longer, I die.