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Fat Fast

Is there a current “fat fast support group” now. I just started a fat fast today, and I figured a “support group” couldn’t hurt. So far the shakes and oil seem fine…

Right now, I have simply split my body into legs, upper body pressing, and upper body pulling, and I want to train each twice per week (I like to go to the gym 6 days a week), but I figure I will let my volume and intensity fluctuate as my energy level does–so even if I train a body part twice a week, the volume may not be that great. Does anyone have any good suggestions for how best to maintain my strength during this (I really want to keep my overhead press and deadlift strength up–as those are my favorite lifts).

Keep the reps low (4-6) and the weight high. Probably all you’ll be able to do anyway b/c of the lactic acid that is going to build up and the lethargic feeling that is going to sneak up on you. This diet DOES work but workouts will suffer. I would only try for a one workout per bodypart per week routine. Going to be too easy to overtrain on this diet. Try to do some HIIT cardio 3xper week to to add fuel to the fire.
Good luck!

Thanks for the response. I may switch to a one body part a day six day split, if i feel it is necessary, over the next few weeks. About your cardio recommendation, I was just wondering why you recommend the cardio,–I read another post at the old ffsg, that said not to do any high intensity cardio, b/c it would burn up muscle. Frankly, I have thigh muscle to spare (if one can spare any muscle), so i would not mind loosing a little mass in the thighs for more fat loss, but I also want my calves to grow.


i did the fatfast during the summer of 2003, i was training 5x a week and i did cardio as well.

I regretted it, i personally won’t do fat fast again, too draining but i would recommend to you that u do , no CV, the caloric reduction and 6x week training will be more than enough to lose fat.


I just yesterday ordered what i needed to get started. I ordered
Biotest Low Carb GROW

Im going to start as soon as my stuff comes in. Ill be here for ya man, lets keep this thread alive im going to need it as i have this desk job that has KILLED me as an athlete, im fighting back!


great to have you in this too. I am not that competent when it comes to the internet, so if all you ment by “keep this thread alive” was that I keep replying, I can do that. Hopefully, more will join. I am planning to do this for 3 weeks minimum, and then maybe a fourth depending on how my fat loss goes–I have a four pack now at 190 pounds, but it seems like I have a lot of fat anyway–I think my ab muscles are just big, and that’s why I can see them. I have been strength training for years, but I am new to this whole bodybuilding thing, so advice will be usefull. What sort of workouts are you planning? Also, I have a question for anyone out there who knows about smokeless tobacco–I had been a beechnut chewing tobacco user, but I can tell there is sugar in that stuff, so I switched to copenhagen for the diet, and it sure does not taste like there’s sugar in it, but does anyone know about this?

Finished my three day fast a full 72 hours with only water, feeling great. Still waiting for my stuff to arrive to do the Fat Fast diet plan for another full 14 days.


Im on the Fat Fast Diet with ya buddy…today is my second day…going ok so far!

Good to hear it! Misery loves company. Actually it is not that bad, I am finishing up my first week today, and mostly it is fine. I have noticed a little lack of endurance to complete workouts, but no real strength loss. I have lost six pounds or so (I do not really trust the scale I use), and my abs are a bit more defined. I also added in some gymnastics exericses, so that my weight loss would be rewarded by athletic improvement (I hope a planche gets easier with weight loss).

Today is my third day…my AD-EC didnt come with my order so im going without it…

Im not feeling all that great…i did have a couple boiled eggs with my shake for lunch…

So are you doing the low carb grow three times a day and taking hot rox ?

Thats what im doing and eating a meal bar during the day as well…

Being a student, I do not really have the money for all the biotest products. I use four or five whey shakes per day, and four or five teaspoons of flax oil. I did have an 8 ounce glass of milk my second day, and I ate a couple of tins of tuna that were sitting around my apartment instead of protein shakes last week. I do use hot rox, currently I am taking 1 pill twice per day. Next week I’ll raise it to two pills twice per day, and the week after, if I continue, I’ll go up to two pills three times per day. As far as not feeling well goes, I really reached a peak in bad feeling on my second day, and it has been getting better ever since. There still are periods during each day when I feel weak as shit, but they pass, and I have other periods when I seem to have incredible concentration. Almost every day, there is some time during which I fantasize about fast food or zingers or some other junk food (my addiction to junk food is why I started the diet in the first place), but these also pass. I am about the furthest thing from a christian, but I saw that “Passion of Christ” movie last night, and I found it very inspiring (in a secular way), if Jesus could put up with all that torture, I should at least be able to handle a measily diet.

I got an email saying that 1AD-EC isnt made anymore by biotest, is this true and is there a substitute one should be using ?

So what were your final results? I’m into my second week and I’m not happy with my results so far. I have barely lost any bf% so the majority of weight I have lost is LBM. I will probably only stick with it for the rest of this week and then go to T-Dawg.

I’m going to try fat fast in a couple of months, and I was wondering what supplement you guys would recommend for me so I’m not completely drained from the caloric deficit (I’m 18 and don’t want to disrupt the development of natural hormone levels). Thanks

so you basically eat the flax seed oil as your fat intake…and a protein drink??

what about eating eggs or tuna instead??

I dont like protein drinks or milk…hate milk actually

but I would be willing to do flax seed ant eggs/tuna…

why did you do a 3 day water fast? what was the purpose and the outcome??


Sago, i did the three day water fast for religous reasons. But in the middle of it i decided to start the fast fat diet right at the end of it.

Yes im on my third or fourth week now with the fast fat diet, i do sometimes eat some tuna and or eggs and yes i take fish oil each day as well as a multi vitamin and extra Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc pills…

I want to lose 10more lbs…its coming off harder now…ive lost about 14lbs i believe…

Also taking HotRox, my bottle is close to being gone tho…

I imagine if the calories and carbs stay the same, eggs or tuna would work fine, but, you might find that protein and flax oil really do not taste so bad once you start straving. On my last day doing it, I ate some cottage cheese, which I normally hate, but this time I found it great. (Unfortunatley, eating cottage cheese once with enjoyment was not enough to make me like it regularly).

As for the results, I found two weeks sufficient to loose 11 pounds, and, while I did not keep track of bodyfat percentage, the mirror indicated that I got a lot more ripped. I also recommend pushing yourself as hard as possible in the gym, because your will and strength will probably undermine your attmepts to workout hard, so I would just aim in the direct opposite direction, and hope that I end up with the right ammount of work. I would say the two weeks doing the fat fast were teh two weeks of most rappid change in my appearance, by far, in my whole life. Also, afterwords, it is much easier for me to stick to a moderate diet, than before, when I was eating junkfood like six times a day.

Fat Fast Diet Plan

Hi everybody, I?m starting the fat fast training plan tomorrow and this is what I am on planning of eating. Please let me know what you think.

6:30AM 2 scoops of Low-Carb MRP (with skim milk)
1 capsule of Xenadrine (can?t afford Mag-10, any other suggestions??)
Cup of green tea

9:00AM 1 scoop of Low-Carb MRP (with skim milk)
1 tablespoon of Udo?s Oil

11:30AM 1 scoops of Low-Carb MRP (with skim milk & a banana)

2:30PM 1 scoop of Low-Carb MRP (with skim milk)

5:30PM 1 scoop of Low-Carb MRP (with skim milk)
1 tablespoon of Udo?s Oil
1 can of tuna

7:30PM 1 capsule of Xenadrine (can?t afford Mag-10, any other suggestions??)

9:30PM Bedtime
2 Capsules of Biolab ZMA (can?t find Biotest?s version anywhere)

I?m planning to do 30-40 mins of cardio everyday and weight train 3-4 days a week. Keep in mind that on training days, I will be having Biotest Surge as a post-workout recovery drink.

Also, I?m from Montreal and the only place I can get some supplements and drinks are at the GNC downtown. Does anybody have a favourite place?

Chivas, that’s the most screwed up Fat Fast i’ve ever seen. You’re totally missing the point of the whole diet. Milk and bannanas? On a diet that’s supposed to be near 0 carb? Um, no.

I started Fat Fast last Friday.
I consume 4 shakes a day with 2 scoops of grow (160 protein grams) and 5 tbls of flax seed oil (one protein shake contains 2 tbls of flax instead of 1).

I am also taking Hot Rox-and Power Drive to maintain my energy and mental focus (student).
I weighed 222@5’11" when I started. I estimate my bf% to be around 22%.

I am gonna stick to the FF as long as I can stand it and then switch to a more conventional low carb diet like T-Dawg.

I am hoping to have an inspirational post complete with pictures in the next several weeks.
I had great success with Bodyopus in 2000. This will be the summer I am sporting a six pack.