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Fat Fast

Has anyone tried the Fat Fast diet? How quickly should I expect results?

Its good as an induction to a “normal” ketogenic diet. It is hyper-extreme and probably not the best approach.

Have you considered a T-Dawg 2.0ish diet? At least here you can target carbs around workouts and hold on to as much lean mass as possible.

this diet takes ALOT of willpower and you had better know how to come off of it. It is good to use this diet to kick off another diet. You will see results rather quickly. It is recommended if your bodyfat % is fairly high and you want to lose it fast. How long are you planning on doing it for?

I believe T-mag author Christian Thibedeau started his transformation with the Fat Fast diet. You can read his take on it in the article “The Beast Evolves.” Search for the title in T-mag.

There has also been a lot of discussion about this in the past. There were a number of threads with the words “fat fast support group” in the title. Try typing “FFSG” in the search bar to the left and search in T-forums. You’ll be able to read about a lot of people’s experiences.

My own experience wasn’t good. I felt awful and, even worse, didn’t lose much fat. The torture of the diet wasn’t worth it for me. My husband fared much better - to a point. He lost a ton of fat quickly, and even felt good. But unfortunately, he ultimately rebelled with a huge carb binge, lasting, oh, 8 months or so and leaving him fatter than ever. We are now following a boring, slow, and steady approach to fat loss that we intend to make more or less permanent.

Well, I’m a fat ass. I’m 5’11" and 176.4 pounds @ 20.1% body fat. I plan on doing the diet for a month.

t-dawd v2 is a better choice. You lose the fat, keep the LBM (depending of training of course) and you feel satisfied more so than Fat fast and other extreme diets.

Thanks for the replies to this one… I was going to go for the fat fast, but now I’m heading to T-dawg 2.0…

I did the FF about 3 years ago when it came out and lost about 20-25 pounds in 3.5 weeks. Felt horrible the first week with headaches, lethargic, and strength/stamina loss but I got more compliments on my transformation than anytime I’ve tried to drop weight in the past. Drinking all your meals really sucks.
The T-Dawg is a much better diet and easier to follow since you do get to eat your food and get some carbs in each day. Throw in that cheat day and you’ll feel like you can do it forever.
Good luck bro.