Fat Fast

As in my other post, I am begining fat fast soon and have another question. I would still like to take my surge 1/2 before 1/2 after my training. How much would it negatively affect ketosis or would it actually benefit the overall program?

You won’t be fat fasting anymore and a 2-week induction diet leading up to the “Don’t Diet” diet will probably not do much other than clear out a lot of water over a 2 week period. I’m sure you can lose a few pounds but its probably not necessary.

Why not just start with your Don’t Diet and maintain your good post-workout nutrition?

You will notice also in the Beast Evolves that the Fat Fast let up to a ketogenic diet for some time; the Fat Fast was a functional equivalent to the Atkins Induction diet. Kick start ketosis and maintain it with a “normal” ketogenic diet; he didn’t do “Don’t Diet” until he was at 11% or something if I recall, then did SwoleCat’s shredding diet to get super lean (I’m on SwoleCat’s SGX right now).

If you want to maintain your post-workout shake (probably a good idea) you would simply be creating a low-calorie version of T-Dawg and wouldn’t benefit much from the Fat Fast induction.

What do you think of Swolecat’s programs? Are they worth the money?

I’ve only started mine recently but so far I love it. The numbers seem to be correct for my stats, I’m getting hungry when I should (every 2-3 hours), my energy levels are really good (I can tell I’m dieting on non-workout days only), and it hasn’t been hard to follow. There are supplements that I wasn’t taking before that need to be timed with meals and whatnot but that was simplified by getting a pill box that has partitions and putting each meal’s supplements in its corresponding section and just consuming when the time came. I’m pretty much “In the habit” right now and look forward to the next 12-14 weeks that I’m going to be doing this.

I was doing my own T-Dawg 2.0 before this and my diet right now is actually simpler than it was before. I wasn’t eating enough before and my post-workout shake wasn’t being made or consumed correctly.

I’ll let you know in 12 weeks just how good it is; at this point I think its just a matter of time if I stick with it.