Fat fast

waz up fellow t-men just a quick question. How do i figure out my resting energy expenditure in calories for the fat fast my stats are 198lbs at 20% bf height 5’11 age 15. Planning on doing it without androsol
nandrosol etc so would the carb up for 24 hrs after fridays workout help preserve muscle.

I believe Brock covered this in the Fat Fast Experiment Article, if not I know it was in the 3rd paper issue of T-mag. As he stated, take bodyweight times 10.2, then add 879 to it, then take this number and multiply it by .5 or .6 (called the Owens formula I believe). This is your recommended calorie figure. And yes, w/o Androsol or Nandrosol I would definitely carb up for 24 hrs. to avoid muscle loss. Good luck!

helped alot

If you’re only 15 you probably should not use androsol/nandrosol, and therefore not do the fat fast. Why not try a low carb diet first and see how that goes?

Jeff brings up a good point. I know the Fat Fast is quite en vogue right now, but you would be surprised how well you can drop fat on a regular cyclic ketogenic diet such as T-Dawg, Bodyopus, Lyle’s, etc. If you have never done any keto diet before I probably would not recommend starting w. Fat Fast. If you’re dead set on doing one, try T-Dawg as it is better to maintain energy and muscle since your carbs are centered around your workouts plus you have a 24 hr. carb up. Going from a standard carb-based diet right into something like Fat Fast is a huge shock to the system, and I guarantee the first week you will feel like crap warmed over. A simple reduction in carbs can make a big difference. Take it in baby steps, it’ll be a lot easier.

thanx for the imput guys but i forgot to say that i have used similar low carb diets before such as the t-dawg diet etc and have had great success on them in the past but i am just wanting to get down to around 10% bf fairly quickly and then will be going on to another muscle gain phase. I forgot to say i will be useing antioxidants, vitimin c, protein-powder flax seed, flax seed oil and some fish oilany more advice will be greatly appreciated.One more thing the feeling like crap warmed over i know what you mean but i will stick it through to the end as i am not one for giving up

I agree with the pro-T-Dawgers. Fat Fast is probably not the best choice for someone who has the potential to naturally increase his strength and decrease fat substantially due to your age. Get as much muscle now as you can and just keep bodyfat in check. All of my friends who were ripped at 15, are pencilnecks now. Just my opinion, but at lease the standard ketogenic diet gives you a fair shot of putting on muscle at your age. best of luck