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Fat fast

Well okay after all the strange diet stuff recently I’ve decided I’m going to try Strasser’s fat fast.

Now, I’m not going to live off protein powder so I am going to include chicken, beef and salmon during the fast while topping up calories with Codliver, salmon and flaxseed oils.

Now, I’m only going to go about this for two weeks because that’s all the methoxy I’ve got laying around.

Now I’m curious, if I were to try for longer than two weeks do we think that tribex would be anabolic enough to maintain muscle mass?

The reason I ask about tribex is because I’m Canadian so mag-10 is rare, while I’m going to have some soon it’s expensive and I’d rather save it for the bulking cycle that’s to follow soon. 4-AD-EC is of course in the same boat.

So, what do people think about the tribex after the methoxy runs out if I have the willpower to continue for more than two weeks?