Fat Fast

Anyone who has used this diet: What were your results and opinions on this diet? Thanks!

I think it is great as long as you follow it strictly and take some sort of supplement while on it to preserve LBM. I use ZMA and Tribex and have had no issues. Done it for up to two weeks with no problems. When you get off it go to a T dawg type diet. Nothing to radical or you will put the fat back on quickly. The other supplement you should think about is some sort of fat burner to keep your energy levels up. Good luck first 3 days suck.

Tried when I got serious about boxing to get in weight range. It was harder than crap to follow. I felt sluggish all the freakin time and could barely walk up steps without thinking it was a workout. I used no supplements except for a preworkout concoction I made to really get me going(300mg caffeine, 20mg Ephedrene, Ginko Biloba 250mg).

I already have a fast metabolism and therefore I got ripped as heck, down to 4.7% BF. Then I went right back to maintance instead of working to it, gained about four lbs. in two weeks, then two more in the next two weeks. So be careful coming off it, but it works if you have a strong will to succeed.