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Fat Fast

In the current issue Chris rates Fat Fast only a B. I was kind of surprised that there are people that this diet didn’t work for. For the people where it didn’t work i was wondering what there experiences were. Was the diet to strict, was it followed perfectly,etc.?

Don’t get me wrong here. The diet works great IF you can stick with it. Based on reader feedback, that’s the tough part. Even Brock said living on protein powder and flax oil was a total bitch and ended his own diet earlier than originally planned. That’s why it gets a “B” in my book. Hey, I gave my own MRP diet a “B” too, so no disrespect intended for Brock.

Despite the “B”, the Fat Fast is one of the first diets I suggest to readers who want to lose fat as rapidly as possible.

I’m doing a longer article that summarizes and rates the various diets we’ve presented here at T-mag. Look for it soon.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, Chris!