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Fat Fast

So, I’m considering doing a 23 day fat-fast. Now, Brock recommends taking in 50-60% of your resting energy expenditure in calories. Half from fat, half from protein.

So, at 168lbs. my resting energy expenditure is 755 calories. Take 60% of that and you’ve got 453 calories.

Now how the hell am I gonna survive on 453 calories??? I get around 2000 per day as we speak.

However, I’m still at 20.4%BF so does anyone think I oughta try this??? I’ll have to take some kinda pro-steroid, won’t I? Probably Mag-10+Methoxy, right?

I am on day 23 of my fat fast, only I am doing it with whole food. It has worked really well so far, no results to post yet but I will have them in about a week when i go get my BF tested. I was 17.5 % and I am estimating my new level to be somewhere in the range of 12.5-14. Yes you definetly have to take an androgen of some sort. I am using 4 Ad EC, because I am poor and didn’t want to spend the money on Mag-10. Also consider that if you want to do a 23 day fat fast, than you can;t use Mag-10 because you are only supposed to use it for 2 weeks. I have been on 4 AD for 23 days now and I haven;t lost any muscle and I have actually gained muscle. I am not using Methoxy during the fast but I am going to use it after, along with M.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks, am I correct as far as calories are concerned. How did you figure out your caloric needs?

I’m on fat fast diet now, been on for about 2 weeks now, gonna stay on for another 3, then just add 25 to 50 grams of carbs post workout for another month after that. Weight is 203 down from around 217 (@14%BF) (most is water probably since diuretic effect of fat fast and I stopped taking creatine too). Look a bunch leaner though, nontheless. Hope to get less than 185 by the end of the diet, like 175 - 180. I just started taking mag-10, will run it for the entire fat fast diet at one dosage a day. Also MD-6 two dosages a day, though I might cut back a little. I’ve been trying to get around 1500 calories a day, half fat, half protein. Workouts go like this…
Mo - field drills and plyo in AM, 1 Mile repeats at night
Tu - calisthenic circuit + field drills AM, 2-3 Mile tempo run at night, 30 min+ on bike
We - field drills in AM, 1/2 Mile repeats at night
Th - calisthenic circuit + field drills AM, 2-3 Mile tempo run at night, 30 Min+ on bike
Fr - field drills and plyo in AM, 1/2 Mile repeats at night
Sa - calisthenic circuit + field drills AM, 2-3 Mile tempo run
Su - Rest
I am not going to weight train at all during this time, aside from cutting fat and losing weight my goal is to really improve my running.
My advice is to use some kinda pro steroid like mag-10 while on, 4-AD would be ok if you are scared of using mag-10 for over 2 weeks. IMHO I don’t think suppression is too much of an issue with one dose of mag-10 for a month or so, especially while on such an extreme diet. I used mag-10 when not dieting at 2-3 dosages a day last summer and after about 3 weeks I did start to feel kinda fucked up (emotionally, i was still gaining though). So it can mess you up I suppose.
You will definitely need to take MD6 or similar product while on the diet. Otherwise you will feel like hammered shit and not have the energy for anything. I don’t think Methoxy would be necessary while on mag-10, I am gonna wait till i come off and then go on 4 dosages a day for that next month. Probably T2 - Pro too. Make sure you are on a good lifting routine too while on, you could very well gain some strength while on Mag-10 and diet. Sorry if I rambled, hope that helps some.

Hard to say but I don’t think so unless you are in a refugee camp in Zimbabwe. You would die if you only eat that much. I have been dieting for a while now and I have pretty much found out what my body can handle along the way. I weigh 185-186 and I am eating 1400 cals a day. I would not go below that, but since you way less than me maybe you could go down to 1300. Dieting is really about experimenting and finding out what works for you. Start at 1300. You will experience probably about 4-7 pounds of water weight loss the first week. After that it would not be uncommon to lose 2 pounds a week. However keep in mind that, like me, you might actually gain some muscle while using an androgen, so the scale isn;t the most accurate way to gauge success. Considering in 23 days I have only lost 12 pounds but I am pretty sure I have lost more than that in fat but gained some back in muscle.
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Ummm…453 cals seems pretty low. How’d you get that number? If your maintanaince right now that your getting is 2000 cals, why not do 1000 cals which would 50%?

I’d also recommend using 4ad ec instead of mag10 and methoxy since your gonna be on it 23 days.

I got 453 using the Resting Energy Expenditure equation.

www.multidiet.com/tmd/ 10/10calories10.htm

Well, first off, I plugged in your stats at the site YOU mentioned and I you should be at 1587–1613cals according to that. So you must have clicked a button wrong to get 755 i think. According to diet god BERARDI’s equation, your RMR is 1844. Either way, higher than your 755.

60% * 1844 ~ 1100 cals. I’d go with this number. Also, at 168 and 20% bf, are you short or do you think your bf% could be off? Otherwise, your only about 135 lean, which could be possible, but just checking.
Anyways, I’d recommend using the 1100cal number. And some 4ad ec or mag10 if you want, but i’d use tribex after just in case if you go with mag10. I’d try to find some md6 too, and t2/t2pro.
Good luck.

It warmed my heart to see this posting, because I’m going to start right after Christmas. In the last three months I’ve gained 25 lbs of muscle and am ready to start cutting. I should be up to 30 - 35 by Christmas.
Is the fat/protein intake really 50/50? You have to take in some carbs somehow??? Even low-carb grow has 2 carbs. What have you guys & gals been doing as far as carb intake goes and that has worked for you? I’m sure it’s low I just want to know how low. Also, I was planning on using a 5x5 method of training while on. What have you used, with success of course? Pre-workout… what do you do for pre-workout?
Let’s keep this thread going.

Thanks dude, Yea, I am short you could say. 5’8". Tanita body fat scale says 20.4%.

I say I get no more than 40 grams of carbs per day, on average around 30. I think it would be nearly impossible to get less than that and still mix up the foods a little bit here and there. I’ve heard great things about the tried and true 55. Right now I really need that 5:30 mile so I can’t lift for a good while, but if i were to cut while lifting I would use any kind of high set, low rep protocol like 8-10 sets of triples and doubles. Then add some additional interval training (bike or track) a couple times a week. Alot of people would recommend melt down training or a similar short rest circuit type thing but I think those are too hard to get yourself pumped up consistently day after day to put yourself through that - they are tough. 82-3 (on the big lifts, use some volume on the less important ones, by feel)is not that taxing mentally and it will help you keep any strength and alot of size. Don’t expect you workouts too feel very good either way. I’ve started a serious diet then gotten off two weeks later because I feel like such a chode when all my lifts go to shit. This diet is hard enough, let the diet, supps, and a little cardio cut the fat for you. BTW, Anybody use CLA while on fat fast, what were results out of curiosity?

Good luck on your upcoming fat fast. I get roughly ten or less grams of carb a day. One tip I can give you that will help alot is to get lots of light jello. It has 32 cals per serving and .1 carbs. It is tasty and feels like you are eating dessert. It is good to keep you sane. I am on day 23 and for the first three weeks I used a 5X5 program with good success(increased strength) and right know I am using Poliquins 1-6 program which kicks ass.
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Hey guys, well I just ordered two bottles of 4 AD-EC, per Cy Wilson’s advice. He says to use 200mg per day. (which is one serving)

As for caloric intake, he said to go with 50 grams of carbs on workout days. Try 250 grams of protein per day and then consume about 20 grams of fat via flax oil. NO CARBS on non-workout days.

So, grand total caloric intake: about 1100

10 carbs!!??? That’s amazing? I figure that I’ll make some hard boiled eggs to snack on during the day. Brocks article wasn’t entirely clear, at least I thought. 60% of my RMR is 1,330 calories, so half of that is taken in Flax Seed oil? This is going to be a brutal cutting phase. Although I think I’ll be around 20-25 carbs a day, just because I plan on taking Biotest’s Low-carb Grow, plus maybe a salad for lunch with a hot dog or something. Did you do any cardio?
Grooveless_Tongue and Easy, What did you eat for pre-workout? I workout at 5:30 a.m and I usually eat a Grow bar before going in, but I can’t necsesarily do that on the Fat Fast.

My body has adapted really well to this diet and I don;t find the lack of carbs to be a problem. I would highly recommend that you use whole foods instead of protein powders. RTeason being, it helps keep you sane and the TEF(thermic effect of food) is much greater, causing your body to burn more calories.
I have been doing cardio three times a week, it had varied week to week but it is eaither 2 25 minute low intesity session and on HIIT skipping session, or 1 LI session, and 2 HIIT skipping sessions. Since I have been focusing on cutting I haven;t really paid attention to pre workout meals, I will usually eat a regular meal, weight half an hour have some powerdrive, wait another half hour and go to the gym. I have been able to get through all my workouts and Have seen increases in strength each workout.
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