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fat fast

Hey everyone, I have a very important event coming in January. I will be attending a 22 week police academy in Napa, CA.

Right now, I eat very clean and lift 3-4 days a week and get cardio about 2-3 times a week (via High Intensity Interval Training) (running)

Anyway, I wanna try the Fat Fast diet but I’m not so sure it would be wise as a police officer candidate to take Prohormones such as 4 ad-ec or Mag-10 to preserve muscle mass while on this diet.

Any suggestions?

My Stats:

20 years old
5’8" 168 lbs
20.4% BF <— ya, I know.


Double dose Methoxy-7. I think Dr. Serrano has suggested Tribex for dieters as well, but try Methoxy-7 for sure. Also, keep in mind you may feel like crap on the Fat Fast and even be in a mental stupor. Be off of it by the time you go to academy.

Thanks, but the problem is…

I don’t think using pro-hormones like
Methoxy-7 is safe considering I want to be a police officer. They ask about that stuff is the background interviews/lie detector test.

You won’t be tested for 4-AD-EC or MAG-10, so go with one of them in addition to Methoxy-7 for best results.

I have done it for up to two weeks using ZMA and Tribex. Works great. Will not lose mass. Just will not gain any. The secret for me on FF is hard boiled egg whites…mmmm…

Nick, Methoxy is not a prohormone. Read up on it at www.biotestedge.com. Good stuff.

My only advice would be to use whole foods, not protein powder alone. There are numerous reasons for this. TEF, increased metabolic rate & satiety, etc, etc.