Fat Fast

Did anybody have good results with the fat fast? Did anybody have poor results with the fat fast?

With old topics like this, it’s probably better to run a search first. People tend not to post about things that have been discussed so much already in the past.

Yeah, do a search. But to give you a direct response, I think the Fat fast is good, if you can stick to it. Just do a search on how to come off it. I will tell you what’s working for me right now. I Have about 2,000 calories a day (slightly higher than Fat Fast) and all the sugar free jello and whipped cream I want. Yeah, that’s pretty much from the eat like a man diet, but I also have a serving or two of broccolli with each meal and some Psyllium husks at night. I also have a glass of Diet pepsi (2liter for $.99 this week by me) with each meal. Working so far, I’ll let you know how it goes. Good luck in your quest.

I have a crappy MAC, and the search paramaters don’t work on my computer. It says unkown Algorithem. So if you guys could re post your results. The good the bad and the ugly that would be great.

DMON: I am a MAC user and have no problem at all
accessing the site search engine. Sometimes the
search tool can be a bit fickle and fail to respond;
in such case, what you need to do is reapply 3 or 4
times and then…BAM…your in!!! : -)

Fat fast along with meltdown training is in my opinion the best way to cut weight while maintaining good size and dramatically lowering body fat, I went from twelve to eight in three weeks. Unfortunately, after the event I was cutting up for, I ate carbohydrates and I gained back half of what I lost, mostly water though. It’s a good quick fix though.

The fat fast diet is good, but just like bronx bomber I made some modifications. For one thing try to keep calories at about 1500 or slightly higher and less than 2000, if you aren’t using the prohormone spray. And take it easy on that cardio. Do it if you want for health or whatever, but limit to once a week. Also I think you should eat lean protein and vegetables before you workout just to give you a boost. The fat will fly, but you don’t need to go to such a far extent.