Fat fast

Here’s the deal guys… just curious. Has anyone tried the fat fast that Brock reported about? It seems solid in the rationale, but I am curious about a couple of things before I give it a try. If anyone has tried it, how much FBW did they lose, did they lose any LBW, and how long did it last? Where I am going with this is this… with dropping your calories that much, you are pretty much looking at lowering your metabolic rate… once you go off of the fat fast (day 21, day 28, or as Brock was wondering, day 42), did you gain FBW back rapidly, or how did you re-cycle your calories back up to a reasonable intake, or better yet, to one that has enough calories to start putting on more BMR? Question #2: Brock had mentioned using androsol at 35 sprays per day for the entire cycle? What about the 2 weeks on 4 weeks off that you should cycle it at, or is 35 sprays a day a low enough dosage in order to bypass the negative side effects of longer cycles? Question 3: If the “pipes getting clogged up” is an issue, and Brock recommended upping the carbs a little (especially on training days), what about adding some low carb roughage, like various lettuces, peppers, etc. (AKA Salads) to the diet?

Any ideas?

Just a note: T-mag paper issue #3, which is about ready to go, will contain a slightly updated article on the Fat Fast that includes some “coming off” info.