fat fast

Has anyone done the fat fast diet, and if so what kind of results did you get?

lots of people tried it, use search engine to find their comments. I got good results plus the whole experience was very interesting.

I gained 25 pounds of lean muscle mass!! Seriously though, the fat fast works. It’s brutal but terribly effective. Search the forum for fat fast support group and you will read experiences of others. I’ve done two 4 week fat fasts and have dropped approx. 14 pounds each time with no discernible decrease in strength. works best, I think, if you are a fat ass to begin with (which I definitely was)

I dont see how you can go on that diet and not lose a lot of strength. I also think that this diet would work better using real food instead of protein shakes.

This one truly works! I’ve tried it and I lost 22 lbs in just 4 weeks. The diet though is punishing (specially on the carb craving side).

Horace, that’s the difference between yourself and people getting results from it. You’re theorizing while people are doing. People have reported NOT losing much strength, if any at all. People are getting great results using protein powders, the way it was intended. Damnit, I hate armchair quarterbacks.

I’ve looked around for all the details of the diet as far as how many calories per day, carb intake, fat intake, etc. and have been unable to find the specifics. Can someone that knows what they’re doing diet wise post the specifics of the diet here? Was it helpful in clearing up fat around the abs? Thanks.