Fat fast

hi guys, I’d like to know what is the difference between BMR and resting energy expenditure, how do you calculate it??

I think this is in one of the Massive Eating articles. You can find them through the search engine (in the magazine, not the forum).

This thing is THE bitch. If we could just calculate that, we’d have no problem designing diets. Berardi calculates BMR using (LBM x 22) + 500 calories (LBM calculated in lbs). But this is for a person who’s been eating at that level for a bit!

Aside from measuring either BMR or RMR, the calculations are just a guess at best. BMR (basal metabolic rate) is defined under stringent criteria. I don’t have the criteria with me, but to measure BMR, you would go over to some guy’s house and measure his metabolic rate after he had woken up and was still lying in bed. There is specific criteria such as no exercise for 24 hours, no food for 12 or something close to this.

RMR (resting metabolic rate) is much less stringent and more practical. The criteria is less stringent (hours fasting and post-exercise). You would head over to an exs phys lab, and lie down for about 30 min and then it would be measured.

In my opinion, RMR is the more important measure because it is more practical. Rarely are we ever under the constraints that BMR needs to be measured with.

My advice is to use Berardi's calculations in Massive Eating part 1 and then monitor your body composition and caloric intake and make the appropriate changes to suit your goals.

Actually for the equation that you mentioned, Berardi has you calculate LBM in kilograms, not pounds.