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Fat Fast

I know that fat is important for regulating hormone levels and other things, but how important is it. I would like to drop some weight in a short time and I was thinking about going for just protein with a small amount of unsaturated fats and EFA’s. I am also on androsol at the moment, I don’t plan on staying on this diet for any longer than a week-week and a half. I’m not really looking for long term fat loss here, an ex girlfriend is coming to town, and well you guys know how it is. Thanks

Question to Bill or Brock: I live in Europe and Prohormones are banned substances. So how can I reduce the catabolism while on this radical diet?

If you’re using androgens, including Androsol, you can definitely trim
the fat way down like you’re planning, especially for a short period of
time. It’s a great way to save calories and accelerate fat loss, and
while on androgens, protein and carbs are much more important for
muscle gain or muscle retention. I think you’re on the right track here.