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Fat Fast


CT: Thanks for all the wonderfull information you have posted on ths great site for the past couple of years. I cant wait till the I:Bodybuilding article is finished

My question is. Im 5'10 207lbs. My BF% is unknown but Im not happy with it, I just dropped 30lbs since March. What for me is a perfect day of eating. What marcos or if you could what is a great meal plan. Im sure you get this alot but Im very curious. I noticed the weight I lost but Im not seeing my muscles grow or in the mirror. I have been training for the past year and I just read your artice Training with Thibaudeau, and maybe Im not training right but my lifts are going up. So I just think its my diet. I was reading about your transformation using he "FAT FAST" diet for 2 weeks then the "ANABOLIC DIET" followed by Berardi's "DONT DIET" I wa thinking on giving that path a try.

here is my routine:
Monday:Lower day: (quads, hammys)
Tuesday:GPP(sled pulls)
Weds:Upper day: Chest Shoulders Tris
Thurs: off (flag football)
Friday:Upper day: Back and GPP: Farmers walk
Saturday: off (touch football)

Thanks again CT and any help from any of you would be greatly appricated


Anyone guys??


What is your food consumption like now?


Muscle growth is a far slower process than is fat loss. If you're expecting the reults to happen as quickly, then you're starting off with incorrect preconceived notions. Putting on a respectable amount of dry muscle is a process that takes years while fat loss can happen in just months and sometimes weeks.


also if you're focusing on fat loss there's no way you're gonna grow a lot. Focus on one goal; losing fat or building muscle. If you stick with losing fat, 12 weeks should be enough to see a really decent change on body looks. Building muscle requires a lot of nutrients (more than you need for your body and activity levels), so the body will have a hard time using the energy reserves (fat stores).


I initially thought he was trying to diet and put on size at the same time as well. But re-reading his post, I don't think that's what he's trying to do. I think he's lost fat and now doesn't understand why he isn't appearing more muscular even though his lifts are going up. Correct me if I'm wrong OP...this also probably should have gone in the beginner section as well for future reference.


I re-read it again (great reading comprehension over here). I now have no clue if he's been trying to gain and lose at the same time or if he lost fat and is now trying to gain.


If there's beer in that cooler, then what every you're trying to do is probably not working, lol.


Ok thanks for the observation Davinci, in that case I would go further with the calories, because his bodyfat percentage doesn't seem as low as to begin to have a size illusion.


Sorry for the delay guys, but what i was saying is that I lost 30lbs. I thought I had gain more muscle but couldnt see it under my fat. Well after losing 30lbs I realize I guess Im stronger but not as much muscle as I thought I did. So Im trying to lose more fat get down to a respectable body fat maintain the muscle that I have gained (but I know I will lose some) and then clean Bulk in the winter.

So main thing about this post is for me to cleanly cut body fat. What macros should I do??

I been mostly doing 3-4 Protein shakes w/ flax, solid meal for breakfast (4 eggs, 1/2c oats) and dinner (small tenderloin, sweet potato slices) and for lunch I have PB and Cottage Cheese.

Currently taking VPX Meltdown for Burner, and Multi vitamin


Here is my journal the past 2 days: Im inseason for football gamesso Im not lifting as heavy as I would.

Shrugs: 185x10, 205x10
IN Bench: 165x10, 185x8, 205x6
Pullups: BWx11
DB Pullovers: 45x10, 55x10
DB Bench: 65x10, 80x10
Blackburns:5lbplatesx15sec holdsx2
Lat Pulldowns: 100x10, 125x10
Shoulder Press (BH): 80x10, 90x10
Cable Rows: 125x10, 125x10
Machine Reverse Flys: 90x10, 90x8
Tri Pulldowns: 100x10, 100x10
Cable Curls: 100x10, 100x10

Hang Cleans: 135x10x3
SLDL: 135x10, 135x10
Leg Press:4px12, 8Px10, 10Px10
Leg Curls: 100x10, 100x10
1 Leg DB Split Squats: 35x10, 35x10
Leg Extensions:3Px10, 4Px10
Calf Raises: 4Px15, 4Px15 (30sec rest


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Wow Sean, I guess your CT personal assistant. Sorry. Nice tool Superman avitar!

I respect any help just like above. Thanks guys!


you ask for diet help yet post your workout routine.
I suggest you post your diet and you'll get better feedback.

If you can't quickly and easily type down the last 2-3 days meals then I know what your problem is....


Pre Workout: shake
Post Workout: Small Piece of Lasanga, Shake
Meal: Egg whites, 1/2c of Oats, Shake
Snack: Protein Shake
Lunch: 2 Scoops of PB, 3 scoops of FF Cottage Cheese
Snack: Protein shake
Dinner: Tenderloin w/ Sweet Potato Slices
Before Bed: 2 Scoops of PB or Shake.

Gallon of water throughout the day


Pre workout: Shake, VPX Meltdown
Post workout: Small piece of Lasanga, Shake
Breakfast: 4 Egg Whites, 1/2c Oats, Shake
Snack: Shake
Lunch: 2 Scoops of PB, 3 Scoops of Cottage Cheese
Snack: Shake
Dinner: Tenderloin, Sweet Potato Slices
Pre Bed: 2 Scoops of PB, or Shake

Gallon of water throughout the day.


do you know the nutrient breakdown of that? how many cals, how much is protein, carbs and fats?


Shake:117,24,2,2 x4
Egg Whites:280,20,4,16
Peanut Butter:190,7,6,16x2
Cottage Cheese:160,26,10,0
Tenderloin: 437,64,0,17
S. Potatos: 270,6,62,1

So total is:


I would drop your carbs a bit...even on your training days to around 80-90g and time them all in the morning, before, during and after your training going atkins the rest of the day. On your off days I would time all of your carbs in the morning with your breakfast and keep them <50g.

You're also going to want to bump up your protein a bit to compensate for the reduction in carbs which will most likely bump up fat consumption as well, so keep tabs on that since 1g fat = 9 kcal i.e. energy dense. Your calories seem to be low enough to cut off some fat. Have you been dieting for a while though? You may want to consider taking 2 weeks off from dieting if so, and bring them back up to maintenance just to get your metabolism up and running again. I hope this helps.


I think your cals are too low. You've had them so low for so long you've adapted. Your metabolism will suffer, if it hasn't already.

I suggests you slowly up the cals and see what happens. You might find that more will cause your fat loss to start up again. After that adjustment phase you can lower them again if needed. This can be as easy as adding carbs around the workout.

You don't need more protein, if you are low carb you need more fat. You want your body to burn fat, not protein. Low carb and low fat is asking for trouble. So if you do end up lowering the carbs, up the fats.