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Fat Fast

Just wondering if I can get some imput on the fat Fast diet from people who have tried it. I have heard mixed reviews and do not want to put myself through that if the results were not so great. However, if the results were outstanding I would do it in a flash. Thanks in advance.

I tried the diet but it was too difficult and I cheated after 1.5 weeks. Lost about 5 pounds of water however.

What exactly are your current stats and your goals. I think fat fast is pretty extreme but it obviously works. If you heard mixed reviews its probably because it may be the hardest diet ever to stay on and people cheated and weren’t happy with results. I have never done it but if you stick to it I’m pretty sure like physics or chemistry this has to work. There is no way it couldnt. True certain people may get different results but it should work at stripping off fat. I’m on a keto/t-dawg type diet now and seeing good results. I had a set goal of about 5 weeks cause spring break is coming but I knew I couldnt subject myself to fat fast for even 2 weeks. If you got the will power though try it. If however, you arent obese and are just trying to lose a few more pounds with no set time limit I think you could follow a diet which may be easier to stick to and still see good results.

I did the fat fast for three weeks. Absolutely no cheating, not once. I lost about 10 pounds, about 8 of that was water. The other problem with the fat fast is when you come off of it your body is primed for fat gain, so you have to add in carbs very carefully. I also had a lot of difficulty with no carbs and began haveing trouble with my stomach. It does work for some people, but if you are not in a rush I’d suggest another method.

Im 21,5’8", 210 lbs at about 13-14% bodyfat. I would like to lean out as quick as possible so I can start gaining some quality mass. Im sure teh diet is hell, but if I hear good feedback I will try it. I have donethe low-carb thing and had good results w/ it so that is always an option as well. Thnaks