Fat Fast

Who has tried the Fat Fast and what modifications did you make to the original plan? Did the results justify the pain?

do a search for the title Fat Fast, you’ll find the Fat Fast support group, a crapload of into there. I’ve been doing the Fat Fast for 19 days and I’m down about 15 pounds. I lose about 3 pounds a week (lost about 9 pounds the first week) I’ve used Mag-10 instead of androsol and upped the MD6 dosage, my calories are at about 1400-1500 (depending on cravings… like sometimes I just have to eat a hot dog to stay sane). If you want to loes fat fast (how ironic that this is also the name of the program!) then go for it. Whether the pain justifies it that’s a subjective thing… I personally think it does. My midsection looks much thinner while my muscles look pretty much the same, I’ve lost a bit of strengh the first week, I attribute that to the loss of water and not much fuel for the muscles, after that strengh is pretty stable. GOOD LUCK in whatever you do!